The Bible tells us, “Two are better than one,” and “If either of them falls down, one can help the other up” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Such was the case with Emma, a young, single woman who visited our women’s care clinic last year. Emma came from a conservative family and feared her unplanned pregnancy would bring them shame. Though she had a strong faith, she feared what the future could look like as a single mom.

Thankfully, a friend of Emma’s compassionately spoke to her about the sacredness and beauty of life. This friend encouraged Emma to seek life-affirming counsel. The two friends visited our women’s care clinic, where Emma received a free ultrasound and one-on-one care.

Over the course of many weeks, Emma watched her baby grow. She learned about the risks associated with abortion, and the gestational development of her baby. Our clinic staff worked with her to explore the practical options for caring and providing for a child, while encouraging her to give her family a chance to accept this baby as a blessing.

Emma’s friend was tenacious, refusing to give up on Emma and her baby.

Human Coalition - Life Decision

After our staff spent weeks praying that Emma would keep her baby, she finally made the decision to choose life. To her surprise, her family did not abandon her, and she had the support she needed to welcome baby “Jesse” into her family.

Emma’s story reminds us that there is power in our voice when we speak up for the life of the preborn. Like Emma’s friend, we can encourage and empower women to choose LIFE.

If you’re looking to be a friend to a pregnant woman in crisis, check out our in-house Mentor Training program. With your support, women like Emma will find courage and strength to give their children a chance at life.

Thank you!