You may remember us introducing you to Deanna, a brave mother of three whom we’ve had the privilege of helping during two of her pregnancies. We wanted to give you an update on her.

Deanna called us last December when she felt like she’d hit rock bottom. Having just lost her job, she and her three young children were living with friends, and they desperately needed to find a new place to stay. She called us because she trusts us. 

Already a mother to one, Deanna first came to our clinic (formerly Real Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic) when she was pregnant with her second child. She’d just gotten settled in after moving to Dallas from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and she thought abortion was the right answer. Or at least everyone around her thought it was the right answer.

We encouraged Deanna and helped her know that she could carry and parent her baby, and she wouldn’t be alone. We’d be there to help her. She chose life, and we had the honor of walking with Deanna during that pregnancy. A few years later, we walked alongside her again during her pregnancy with her third child.

Last December, as she faced a new challenge as a single mother, Deanna knew she could count on us to stand with her again. We helped her find temporary housing, and thanks to our generous donors, we provided her kids with Christmas gifts.

Since last Christmas, Deanna has worked extremely hard and earned a position managing a bakery at a local grocery store. But her favorite time of the day is when she comes home to her children. One of the most positive and uplifting people we know, Deanna says she always walks through the front door of her home wearing a smile on her face. She wants her kids to see her smiling and feel the deep love she has for each of them.

She gratefully attributes much of her success to our supporters and the loving caregivers who have cheered her on along the way. She considers our women’s care clinic a safe place to receive support and counsel. And she most recently came to us when she needed assistance providing school supplies for her children.

Deanna longs for everyone around her to know about our women’s care clinic. A few months ago, she referred a friend to us who was considering abortion, and that friend chose life for her baby!

Deanna tells us time and again that she gives thanks to God for His provision. And today, we give thanks to God for her…for the way she is such a bright light, and especially for the precious new life she recently helped save.