“Melissa” was searching online for abortion information, when she came across one of Human Coalition’s online ads. Desperate to talk with someone about her unplanned pregnancy, she dialed the number and spoke with one of our compassionate call agents. And at the encouragement of our agent, Melissa agreed to visit one of our women’s care clinics.

During her appointment, Melissa shared that she already had three children and that her abusive boyfriend would insist on an abortion.

However, the ultrasound revealed something amazing – TRIPLETS! Sensing a softening of Melissa’s heart, our staff went into overdrive to save these three innocent lives and rescue Melissa from a lifetime of regret.

Human Coalition - Saved Triplets

First, the ultrasound confirmed that the abusive boyfriend was not the babies’ father… Melissa’s estranged husband was. Next, our compassionate caregivers intervened and counseled Melissa on her life-affirming options. When it became clear that Melissa wanted to keep the babies, we invited the father of the triplets to get involved.

With our Care Coordinator at the helm, we arranged long-term assistance to provide for Melissa’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

That included helping Melissa and her husband to reconcile, and connecting them with a local church where they could tap into the tools to keep their marriage strong. This church congregation welcomed Melissa and her husband into their family, first hosting a baby shower for them, and then supporting them with weeks of meals and other material blessings after the babies were born.

The triplets were born prematurely and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks. During that time, their new faith family rallied around Melissa and her husband, praying and providing for them so that this young family would never feel alone in their parenting journey.