“Kari” described her mental state as “lost and afraid.”

Single and barely making ends meet, she worried that her family would not accept her unplanned pregnancy. She also feared it would prevent her from performing her job as a delivery person.

So, believing that abortion was the only answer, Kari made an appointment with Planned Parenthood. However, as the days until her appointment passed, she continued searching online for answers. That’s when she noticed an ad for women facing crisis pregnancies. 

Kari called the number, spoke with a trained staff person at our Human Coalition call center, and made an appointment at one of our Women’s Care Clinics.

Thinking back on her initial visit to the Women’s Care Clinic, Kari says, “The office [seemed] so peaceful. It makes you want to change your mind to care for your baby, just by walking in the door.”

And that’s exactly what happened. 

Kari spent time with a compassionate caregiver who provided life-affirming advice and loving encouragement. She was then given a high-quality ultrasound, where Kari’s fully formed and active baby could be clearly seen on the screen. “Isn’t God good?” Kari declared upon seeing her baby boy for the first time.

The caregiver role-played with Kari as to how she might tell her family about the pregnancy. Then they worked together to locate a doctor and fulfill other needs.

Today, Kari is the mother of a healthy baby boy, and she enjoys the full support of her entire family and the continued guidance of the Women’s Care Clinic.

This success story was made possible by Human Coalition donors who give generously to support our online and offline marketing efforts. Through their donations, we’re able to run ads in abortion-riddled communities—just like the one that brought Kari to our Women’s Care Clinic.

The donations we receive also help provide the necessary resources to prepare women and families for their parenting journey. From meeting financial needs to providing emotional support, HC’s participating life-affirming pregnancy centers and Women’s Care Clinics walk alongside women and men facing a crisis pregnancy—even after the baby is born—in order to equip them for parenting success.

This year is set up to be one of our most successful years yet in terms of saving preborn babies and their families from abortion. Are you ready to help us save more?

Kari’s life-saved story is just the first of many that we look forward to sharing with you this year. And with your financial support, we will ensure that thousands of abortion-determined women and men are given the opportunity to connect with Human Coalition and ultimately choose LIFE for their preborn children.

We’re counting on your support. Make 2016 the year when significantly more women and men choose LIFE for their babies. Support Human Coalition and let’s save babies together.