“Ariel” relocated to Texas to flee a bad situation in which her child was being sexually abused. But now she was working over 60 hours a week to pay the bills, and running herself ragged in the process. Ariel turned to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes to try to escape her troubles.

When she visited our Women’s Care Clinic in Grapevine, Texas, Ariel felt shaky, nauseated, and overwhelmed by her unplanned pregnancy. She did not have a relationship with the baby’s father; and even though he said he’d do his part, Ariel doubted she could trust his word.

With very little support from friends or family, Ariel felt hopeless. How would she be able to provide for a new baby? How would she keep up with the bills that were already piling up? Although she knew abortion was wrong, Ariel felt it was her only option.

While meeting with one of our caregivers, Ariel learned about the many resources available through our Continuum of Care program; by connecting her to local faith-based social services, Ariel could receive food, shelter, clothing, childcare, material supplies, and employment training—all designed to help her get back on her feet.

During Ariel’s ultrasound appointment, the nurse pointed out the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor and Ariel whispered that she couldn’t have an abortion. She smiled and even laughed while watching her healthy baby move about on the screen.

Our caregiver helped Ariel apply for affordable health insurance and find a local doctor. We then committed to provide her with diapers, wipes, and baby clothes every month during her baby’s first year.

As with every woman who comes to one of our Women’s Care Clinics, we were there to support Ariel throughout her pregnancy and help her make the transition to being a single mom to two children. Linking arms with her through our Continuum of Care and putting her in contact with helpful social services, Ariel got the confidence she needed to move forward.

Thank you for supporting Human Coalition as we minister to women like Ariel and provide resources that help women and men facing crisis pregnancies. Through your donations, we can extend our reach into abortion-riddled communities and come alongside frightened, abortion-determined families, helping them choose LIFE for their children and have support even after their pregnancy.

We celebrate Ariel and the birth of her baby girl and we celebrate YOU for playing such an important role in saving this precious baby from abortion!

Thank you for standing with Human Coalition