“Misty,” a single mother of two, was working full-time while going to school. But then an unexpected pregnancy added additional stress to her already chaotic life. Although her boyfriend, “Derrick,” was happy about the pregnancy, he supported Misty’s decision to abort. He said, “I have tons of friends who’ve had abortions, and all of them turned out just fine. There are risks to everything in life.”

Misty met with our Care Coordinator and shared her anxiety about how she could afford another child. As the two women connected, it became clear that if she were given supportive resources, Misty would consider life for her preborn child.

Since it was early on in her pregnancy, we encouraged Misty and Derrick to return the following week for an ultrasound. When they did, Misty was quiet and contemplative. Derrick, on the other hand, talked openly about his willingness to parent – if that’s what Misty decided. However, he’d just been fired from his job. And with a felony on his record, he wasn’t sure how quickly he could find another one.

After the ultrasound, our Care Coordinator met privately with Misty to remind her that she alone had the power to choose life, and that she’d have to deal with the emotional and physical fallout of an abortion. It was then that Misty revealed she was actually happy about the pregnancy and would go home to consider everything she’d been told.

Later, Misty called us to say, “I’ve decided to keep the baby!” When we asked about her plans for the future, she responded, “I know God will help me financially and spiritually, and I thank Him for placing such kindhearted people in my life!”

Misty and Derrick proudly brought 1-month-old “Baby Elin” to our Christmas celebration last year. Derrick stood beside Misty and their little girl, beaming with pride. As we celebrated Misty and Derrick’s decision to parent their baby, Misty thanked our team, “I love you all and thank you for being here through this journey!”