“Ashante” had sunk all of her money and time into trying to find a diagnosis for her ailing son. The stress of multiple doctor appointments and the bills that were now piling up left her feeling hopeless and scared. So when her pregnancy test came back positive, Ashante believed abortion was her only answer. She contacted our women’s care clinic for help.

Meeting with our Care Coordinator, Ashante admitted that she and the baby’s father were not on good terms. Although he wanted her to keep the baby, Ashante didn’t believe he would help her parent the child. Even her mom was encouraging Ashante to abort.

We provided a free ultrasound for Ashante, where she met her baby for the first time. Startled by her baby’s heartbeat, which was strong and clear, Ashante left our clinic promising to reach out to the baby’s father to discuss parenting.

Over the next several weeks, we kept in constant contact with Ashante, reminding her that we were praying for her. After some deliberation, Ashante and her boyfriend agreed to parent their child. When asked what finally changed her mind, Ashante told us she just couldn’t get the sound of her child’s heartbeat out of her head.

Months later, Ashante called to let us know she’d given birth to a beautiful baby girl!