The women who visit our clinic are often struggling with far more than an unexpected pregnancy. In fact, more times than not, the pregnancy is the upshot of the other challenges she faces. Broken or abusive relationships, poverty, drug abuse, an unstable home life… these are just a few of the destructive situations that plague our clients.

It had been several weeks since “Marisol” and her long-term boyfriend had separated. The pain of the breakup had resulted in a one-night stand with a man she barely knew. Now she found herself pregnant and overwhelmed with regret. But Marisol questioned whether her preborn child should pay for her foolish mistakes.

Our compassionate Care Coordinator gently reminded Marisol that her past mistakes do not define her. We educated her about the child within and the potential dangers associated with abortion. Though she was full of fear and regret, Marisol began to see hope in the midst of her trials.

A few weeks later, Marisol returned to our clinic for an ultrasound, with her brother by her side. He was fully supportive and engaged, asking poignant questions about his sister and the baby. Having a strong male presence in the room seemed to breathe new life into Marisol, infusing her heart with excitement and expectation.

Together, we crafted a plan for Marisol, to help her overcome some of the obstacles that stood between her and choosing life. After we confirmed that her long-term boyfriend was indeed the baby’s father, Marisol could freely celebrate the life of her child. And she was overjoyed to tell us that her family supported her decision to parent.

Thank you for walking alongside Marisol as she prepares for the birth of her child. Because of your generous support, she has access to formidable social services that will assist her throughout her pregnancy and into parenthood.