Over 50 percent of women who get an abortion each year identify themselves as a member of a Christian religion—either Protestant or Catholic. In fact, it’s estimated that the abortion rate within the American Church is nearly the same as it is outside the Church.

Christina is the daughter of a pastor, and she grew up going to church. But a series of bad choices had resulted in five pregnancies, four of which ended in abortion. By the time she entered the doors of our women’s care clinic, she was emotionally scarred and wounded.

But Christina was not beyond the hope and compassion offered by our staff.


After sharing about her dark past with one of our caregivers, Christina admitted she didn’t want to go down the tragic road of abortion again. She was in a stable relationship with a Christian man, she was going to church, and she hoped this pregnancy would be different.

Our caregiver shared with Christina the forgiveness found in the gospel of Christ, and then she prayed with her, asking God to heal Christina from her past abortions. Afterward, the caregiver administered an ultrasound so Christina and her boyfriend could meet their baby. Watching the image of her little one wriggling around on the monitor, Christina couldn’t hold back the tears. At that moment, she resolved to parent her child.

Today, Christina is engaged to be married, and she has reconciled with both her family and with God. She is also the proud mother of “Ginny Brave” whose middle name was chosen to commemorate the brave choice Christina made in changing the trajectory of her life by choosing LIFE.

christina-baby-8-5Every day, Human Coalition helps women like Christina by working with approximately 30 life-affirming pregnancy centers across the country and operating two of our own women’s care clinics located in Grapevine, Texas, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We reach out to scared and vulnerable mothers and fathers who are searching the Internet for abortion-related terms, and we connect them with a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center. Here they are given hope and encouragement and the courage to choose LIFE for their children.

Since our founding, HC has helped rescue over babies—most of whom were likely to be aborted within days, possibly even hours.

Imagine knowing that through your donation—no matter the size—you can help save a life that was almost certain to die. Your support of HC allows us to be there for women, like Christina, who are stuck in the downward spiral of abortion and can’t find a way out on their own. Through your generous support, we will point them to LIFE.

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