“Rachel” carried a secret with her. At just 15 years old and only a freshman in high school, she was pregnant. For months, she’d kept the truth hidden from her family and friends until the anxiety and fear became too much to bear alone. Rachel finally confided in her sister who helped her search the Internet for abortion information. As they scanned the search results, an ad for an Human Coalition women’s care clinic caught Rachel’s eye. It read: RESPECTFUL AND CARING STAFF. Rachel knew that was the best place for her to go.

And she wasn’t disappointed.

The staff at the HC women’s care clinic were compassionate and nonjudgmental. Upon confirming that Rachel was 32 weeks pregnant, the caregiver spent hours answering Rachel’s questions and discussing her pregnancy. Despite pressure to abort, Rachel saw things differently: “It’s not fair to the baby, and it’s not the baby’s fault,” she said when discussing her options.

After helping Rachel choose LIFE for her baby, the next hurdle was helping her find the courage to tell her parents she was pregnant. Our caregivers role-played with Rachel, walking her through numerous scenarios so she’d be empowered to speak with her parents.

A few days later, Rachel returned to the women’s care clinic to share that her parents supported her decision and would help her raise the baby.

rachel-danielleToday, baby “Danielle” is the greatest blessing to Rachel and her family. Though the hard work of raising a child while going to high school is just beginning, Rachel wouldn’t have made any other choice.

Rachel’s story is not unique. In fact, it’s repeated thousands of times every month. Young girls…afraid and vulnerable…search the Internet for information on abortion. But with your support, we have the power to connect with them before they go down the road of abortion. Human Coalition is on a mission to get in front of as many abortion-determined women as possible…but we can’t do it alone.

Your donation today helps us reach more women with life-affirming truth and best-in-class care, so more babies can be rescued from abortion.

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