“Miraya” came to our women’s care clinic through a call she made to the Human Coalition Contact Center. In the middle of a divorce and juggling the responsibilities of caring for two young children alone, Miraya couldn’t imagine bringing another child into her chaotic life. Her immediate family and estranged husband all encouraged her to abort. And with legal bills piling up, she was beginning to think they might be right.

However, when Miraya met one-on-one with our caregiver, she admitted she wasn’t sure abortion was the right choice for her. Would she be able to live with the guilt?

It soon became clear to our staff that Miraya’s biggest obstacle to choosing life was her fear of not being able to afford another child. After all, she’d been out of the workforce for several years and now she was pregnant. Who would hire her?

That’s when our team got to work helping build Miraya’s résumé so she could actively search for a job to support her growing family.

Over the course of the following weeks, we provided Miraya with two free ultrasounds. Both revealed her baby was much too small to show up on the monitor. However, our staff stayed in constant contact with Miraya, praying for her and counseling her as she vacillated between choosing abortion, life, or adoption for her child.

Upon her third visit to our clinic, the ultrasound finally revealed her baby and its strong heartbeat glowing on the monitor. Overwhelmed by the sight of her baby, Miraya chose life but wasn’t sure if she should choose adoption or parenting.

Thanks to our staff’s steadfast support, Miraya was able to find a job that would relieve some of the financial stress in her life. She still didn’t know for sure what she wanted to do about her baby. So we stayed in close contact with her throughout the pregnancy, continuing to educate her on all of her options.

But in that moment when Miraya held her baby boy for the first time, she knew she had to keep “Jonathan.”

Abortion-determined women like Miraya need someone to show them love and compassion, to educate and empower them about life. Your support allows us to extend that message of hope to many more women in the Triangle, so they too might choose life.

Thank you for helping us rescue babies like Jonathan and serve their brave mothers.