“Monica” already had four children when she discovered she was pregnant.  Although the father of the baby and Monica were no longer in a relationship, they were still on good terms. When Monica first visited our women’s care clinic, she was considering abortion; but the baby’s father, who is studying to be a pastor, was adamantly pro-life. Although he had four children of his own, he was willing to be involved with raising this child.

Our Care Coordinator met with Monica and the baby’s father to discuss the possibility of premarital counseling, to help them better communicate and determine whether or not they’d be compatible in the long run. They were both open to this idea and pursued counseling, as well as ongoing care at the clinic.

In the end, Monica and the baby’s father chose life, and “Baby Brynn” was born early in 2018, weighing 8lbs 12ozs!

Although the couple is no longer in a relationship, they are successfully co-parenting Brynn. And Brynn’s dad is just one year away from completing his training to become a pastor!

Besides not getting much sleep, Monica reports she is doing well. Running a hairstyling business from home gives her the flexibility to stay home with the baby and still attend her older kids’ sporting events. She has completed her associate’s degree for elementary education and plans to start taking online classes toward her bachelor’s degree next semester. When asked about her decision to choose life, Monica says she knows she made the right decision: “Brynn is so precious!”