“Naomi” wasn’t ready to be a mother again. Struggling with health issues and lack of employment, she already had her hands full parenting just one child. So she felt as though having a second one was out of the question.

Naomi visited our clinic after searching online for information about abortion. During her appointment, our Care Coordinator listened with compassion and patience while Naomi shared about the obstacles that stood in the way of her choosing life. Abortion wasn’t what she really wanted, but it seemed to be the easiest option.

During the ultrasound, Naomi met her baby for the first time. Her tiny body danced about, and her arms and legs waved as if she were saying hello to her mother. Naomi left the clinic feeling unsettled by the image of her child, and uncertain about the path she would take.

Over the next several days, our staff continued to reach out to Naomi, encouraging her and reminding her that a family of supporters eagerly waited to help her. Days turned into weeks, which then turned into months, until Naomi finally said the words we’d been longing to hear, “I’m choosing life!”

With her family by her side, Naomi is now excitedly anticipating the birth of her baby girl.