I have exciting news to share!

Beginning this week , Human Coalition will launch its first-ever biweekly podcast that will explore the moral, ethical, spiritual, and societal drivers of abortion.

Designed primarily to explore, engage, and empower, the Human Coalition podcasts will provide a deeper look into the abortion issue and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. In doing so, we hope to build awareness surrounding the truth about abortion and bring others along on our mission to protect the unborn.

These are real-world discussions with no pretense. One of our goals at Human Coalition is to break through the hyper-political climate that engulfs the abortion issue and get down to the root of the abortion epidemic. By sharing real-life stories, compelling discussions, and competing worldviews, we’ll bring insightful candor to this highly emotional topic.


The podcasts will feature guests from all walks of life, with various ethnic backgrounds and diverse socioeconomic circumstances. But they all have one primary thing in common—their lives have been impacted by abortion.

Our first podcast will feature an interview with Jeff Bradford, vice president of development at Human Coalition. As a post-abortive father, Jeff will share his compelling story of how God delivered him from the shame and guilt of abortion, and called him to work full-time on behalf of the unborn with Human Coalition.

Isn’t it time we cut through the political and media spin, and got to the truth about abortion? Please take a moment right now and subscribe to Human Coalition’s podcasts so you can receive episode updates via email.

At Human Coalition, we’re excited to offer yet another way to move the abortion conversation forward and engage the public in an innovative and compelling way. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of Human Coalition’s podcast listening audience.

Listen in to hear Jeff share his powerful and redemptive story of life after aborting his first child.

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