Since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, more than 56 million lives have been snuffed out in America. That’s more people than the population of Texas, and it’s nine times the number of people who were killed during the Jewish Holocaust.

But every year during the third week of January, millions of Americans from all races, creeds, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds come together in cities across the nation to stand up for the unborn and remind the world that abortion is the moral injustice of our day.

As a pro-life outreach organization driven by compassion for both the unborn and for women facing crisis pregnancies, Human Coalition participated in this year’s life marches to show love and grace while proclaiming the truth about abortion and life.

Despite the snow and near-zero temperatures, tens of thousands gathered in Washington D.C. to make the annual trek up the National Mall to the Supreme Court Building. As America’s largest life march, the National March for Life headlined some leading pro-life advocates, including Jeanne Monahan, president of March for Life; Giovanna Romero of Latinas por la Vida; Nicole Peck of Silent No More; youth speaker Molly Anne Dutton (Auburn University student); and many more. Human Coalition was there, marching alongside staff members from several pregnancy resource centers that work with us.

Here’s a firsthand account from Kristin Read, marketing coordinator at Human Coalition, who marched in Washington:

It was such an eye-opening experience to walk through the streets of Washington D.C. in unity with hundreds of thousands of other pro-lifers from across the nation—from every race, age, religion, and belief system imaginable. And we all stood united for one thing: LIFE. There were no riots or slander (to my knowledge), but a peaceful uprising of a united pro-life generation that will not be silent about the lives our nation is losing each day. Together, we marched in peaceful unity . . . Together, we will put an end to abortion in our nation.

One thousand miles away in Dallas, Texas, the city where Roe v. Wade was first argued, another March for Life took place. Donned in pro-life blue and holding placards promoting life, thousands of activists marched to the Earle Cabell Federal Building where they were rallied by speeches from Dallas’s most influential religious leaders. Despite the nearly nonexistent media coverage that this march garners, the Dallas March for Life continues to grow each year. It now boasts over 10,000 participants. Carrying the Human Coalition banner that encourages activists to download our new Prayer App, the Human Coalition team marched shoulder to shoulder with women and men from all walks of life for the sake of the unborn.

Brian Fisher, co-founder and president of Human Coalition, describes the experience:

It was an honor to march in Dallas with thousands of others to show our support for unborn children and their families. To be marching and standing next to the courthouse where Roe v. Wade started in Dallas was both motivating and haunting. We have much work to do.

One week later in San Francisco, an estimated 60,000 activists marched in the West Coast Walk for Life, making this the largest West Coast march to date! As expected, this march—which takes place deep in the heart of San Francisco—drew opposition from abortion supporters that was significantly more intense than what was experienced in the other two cities.

John Blandford, who works with churches across America concerning the abortion holocaust and a California resident, had this to say about his experience:

Being a part of the Walk for Life—West Coast was exhilarating. Even I was surprised to see 60,000 pro-lifers in San Francisco! Although we faced fierce opposition as we marched through Union Square and pro-abortion activists mocked and ridiculed us, we only became more fortified in our cause. It’s clear that this is a spiritual battle. Let’s keep praying for those who are blind and lost.

At Human Coalition, we stand in solidarity with so many other life-affirming Americans, praying for the end of abortion in our nation. We are relentless in our pursuit of people in crisis pregnancies, and we seek only to share the gospel and provide the tangible, practical help they so desperately need. Won’t you join us and the hundreds of thousands of pro-life people across our nation who raise their voices in defense of the most innocent and weak among us?

Thank you for your financial and prayerful support as we proclaim the truth about abortion and minister to the hurting, abortion-determined women we encounter.

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