It’s been an adventurous week for me. This is my busiest travel season, and I’m becoming well acquainted with plane seats once again. My trip to Atlanta to visit an inner city ministry partner was wonderful. Waking up to find bullet holes in the passenger window of our rental car? Not so much. We’ll try a different hotel next time.

I’m now heading back to Dallas after a brief trip to Pennsylvania, where I spoke at a large church in the Philly area. Whenever I have the chance to talk to a large group about the sanctity of life, wonderful people come up to me afterward with words of encouragement, great questions, and, many times, amazing stories.

This time was no different. Several families told me about their heart for children with special needs, some of whom have adopted multiple such children. One woman said she adopts children who are terminally ill. Wow. I also heard stories of families who rejected abortion and chose life for their children despite challenging physical and economic circumstances. And I heard a few stories from men and women who chose abortion. Although they’ve accepted the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, they all acknowledged that the pain of having made that decision stays with them to this day.

One elegant woman came up and asked me about abortion and politics. She spoke with a heavy German accent. She told me she was born in Russia in the early ’40s but was raised in Germany. Though she was a little girl during World War II, she knew the realities of war, fascism, and a government gone mad. Her concern for this upcoming presidential election was pronounced and deep. She kindly asked my opinion of the candidates and how a pro-life Christian should handle such a divisive and bizarre campaign season. I gave her my perspective, but, frankly, she has a far more comprehensive view of government and politics than I do. Plus, she had personal experience during a period of history that we hope never to repeat.

Human Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and the core of our work is reaching abandoned, hurting, single pregnant women who are considering abortion. Our mission is to reach them and bring them into a system of compassionate care so they choose life for their baby and experience a personal transformation. As such, we engage in virtually no politically related work. Additionally, the government has various rules and regulations that restrict how a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization may engage in the political process—something which I think is an awful government overreach and a clear attempt to silence nonprofits. But that topic is for another time.

I’ll make a few points about abortion and its relation to politics. Read them through and then add your thoughts in the comments section of the blog. I’d love to hear from you.

  1. Too many Christians believe abortion is a political issue. Abortion is not a political issue, and it cannot be solved through political means. Abortion is a spiritual issue, and it must be ended through Christ-followers. Christians constantly wring their hands while they bemoan this elected official or that, wondering why politicians betray preborn children and their families after making pro-life promises during their campaigns.
    Seriously? Are we still surprised that politicians lie? Folks, although the Democratic Party clearly espouses and pushes abortion rights, and considers it a key portion of their plank, the Republican Party has a long history of waffling and equivocation concerning pro-life legislation. The Republicans have had opportunities to overturn Roe v. Wade, or at least make great gains in pro-life legislation. Yet they have invariably caved.
    Though there have been great gains in pro-life legislation in various states, the federal government remains a pro-death institution intent on supporting Planned Parenthood and using our tax dollars to kill hundreds of thousands of children a year. Good grief, Planned Parenthood got caught selling baby parts last year, and the Feds still didn’t budge! Instead, with brutal regularity they betray our Constitution, the American people, and those they’ve sworn to protect. Republicans have had control of the executive and legislative branches in years past, and we are still killing a million babies a year.
    If you are leaning on or hoping the federal government will solve the abortion epidemic—stop it. They won’t. They don’t have the backbone. Pray for them.
  1. Does this mean individuals should stop engaging in the political process? Of course not. The wonderful pro-life gains made in various states are because courageous men and women engage in the political process.
    However, laws follow culture. Politics is not a leading indicator; it is a lagging indicator. If we want to see laws changed, then we must change the culture first. And we change the culture one heart, one mind at a time.
  1. Abortion can be ended in America in one generation. Roe v. Wade can be overturned, but only after our culture is changed. One sustained push of the Church can finish the job. Who must lead the charge?
    Christian men.

Men, we are responsible for the legalization of abortion in America. We are responsible for its persistence. We are responsible for 60 million dead babies and the destruction of the family. And, men, we have the power to stop this silent holocaust.

I wrote a book a few years ago called Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women. The book was hard for me to write, and it’s not easy for people to read.

If you are a man reading this post, I want you to buy the book. And I assure you that 100% of the proceeds will go to Human Coalition to help save babies and families from abortion. I have no book deal and receive no financial compensation for any book sales.

Men, you need to read this book. Get educated and get engaged. Stand in the gap. Protect our children; protect women. Protect our country. It’s time to step up and be the warrior God made you to be.

Ladies, I also want you to buy the book, read it, and then give it to the men in your life. The millions of women who trumpet abortion as a woman’s right are touting their own demise. You need to learn about America’s abortion history—you need to see how your gender has been trampled on, lied to, and exploited. You need to get angry and then get involved. And you need to partner with men to end America’s worst tragedy.

Concerned about this election? Me too. However, regardless of the conduct of our government, we are going to keep on rescuing children and families from abortion. And we will do so with passion, commitment, and—because of God’s grace—increasing success. Though politicians will continue to betray us, we will not betray the American family. We will not betray our Savior.

So let’s commit together to stop complaining about politics and corrupt politicians. Let’s come together, link arms, and change our culture, one heart at a time.

Hudson Taylor, a famous missionary to China in the 19th century, said there are three stages to every work of God: Impossible, Difficult, Done.

Let’s get it done.

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