A few weeks ago, I spoke in Atlanta to announce Human Coalition’s expansion there and our new partnership with City of Refuge, one of the finest, transformative inner-city ministries I’ve ever seen. It was an exciting evening spent with friends and partners, marking a new day for our cooperative lifesaving efforts in Georgia.

Our adventure in Atlanta officially kicked off on December 1. According to Human Coalition’s analysis, Atlanta is the seventh-most abortion-dense city in America. Human Coalition now operates a pro-life women’s care clinic in the downtown area, and it serves as the base of operations for our abortion-ending strategy. Our team has already reported to me a drastic increase in abortion-determined women coming into our clinic, seeking our help. Praise God!

As I think about how God continues to expand our work across the country, I am once again reminded how socially and spiritually destructive abortion is, and how we MUST be diligent to do as Scripture commands: “Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11 NASB).

In the context of abortion, we obviously think of its primary victim, the preborn baby, being carried away to slaughter. It is ironic that the pro-life movement is often criticized for “only caring about the baby.” The pro-life Church should make no apology for focusing on the baby, as almost 60 million of them have lost their lives to abortion since Roe v. Wade. It’s the greatest holocaust in American history. Do we criticize emergency rooms for ignoring patients in physical therapy? Do we condemn fire departments for not helping to rebuild houses destroyed by fire? Of course not. Emergency room personnel and our brave firefighters are focused on rescuing lives when we need them most. The pro-life movement is no different—we focus on the lives at risk of being murdered.

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However, Human Coalition’s mission is to rescue children by compassionately serving their mothers. We are, in many ways, a transformative outreach for single, abandoned, rejected, pregnant moms. And our goal is to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable by making it unnecessary. We make it unnecessary by reaching more and more hurting women, and rescuing their children from abortion by bringing these women into our system of care.

Why are so many women in these dire circumstances? Because far too many men are selfish, arrogant, and immature. My gender has a long history of using women as we see fit, then turning on them and throwing them to the curb when they no longer serve us.

Human Coalition has served thousands of women over the past several years. And the majority of these women are not making an independent choice to have an abortion. They are pressured to abort by key relationships in their lives—oftentimes by a male: a husband, a boyfriend, a father.

It’s a pretty simple (and profoundly evil) pathway: a man uses a woman for his sexual pleasure, gets her pregnant, and then pressures her to abort her child… his child. He pressures her actively or passively. He may demand she get an abortion. Or she may ask him what he thinks she should do, and he gives a passive (and deadly) response: “I’ll support whatever you decide, babe.”

So while the pro-life Church is focused on rescuing the child from death, we do so through rescuing the mother. We do so by redefining manhood; encouraging men to be the warriors, protectors, and providers they are destined to be.

This is why a comprehensive abortion-ending solution is necessary. Our six-phase approach (which includes marketing outreach, our Contact Center, pro-life women’s care clinics and pregnancy centers, our Continuum of Care program, church outreach, and our legal team) addresses the child, mother, father, and Church. Planned Parenthood may have a massive budget and the media on its side; but Human Coalition is rescuing families from abortion at an ever-increasing pace, and growing in key cities across the country.

The culture of death is now dying. If you haven’t done so already, join our team and become part of a life-giving, historic coalition that is advancing the Gospel and a culture of life—one precious baby, one wonderful family at a time.

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