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I’m energized! And I hope you are too. The staff and supporters at Human Coalition are working hard to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime, through both pro-life wins and pro-life losses.

This spring we saw a burst of pro-life cultural victories, as state after state took strides to protect the preborn child. We saw heartbeat bills passed in Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, and Alabama to protect virtually all preborn children in those states.

However, most of these bills won’t go into effect – at least, not anytime soon. The massive abortion lobby and its allies in the judiciary are working to thwart the will of the people in state after state. They will restrain, enjoin, or strike down these laws.

But the opposition of Big Abortion can’t change what these bills represent: a culture shift in favor of LIFE.

Sadly, preborn children will continue to be killed by abortion, and desperate women will be left in the wake of the abortion industry – even in strongly pro-life states. And this is why we continue to wake up every morning and answer God’s call to RESCUE.

Pro-life legislation is a piece of the mission to end abortion, but even more urgent is the need for a National Rescue System to overtake Planned Parenthood and be in place to rescue children – right now, today – who are at risk of being aborted.

Human Coalition’s National Rescue System must continue to race into abortion-devastated communities across our country to reach women and families who are being viciously and relentlessly targeted and deceived by the abortion industry.

We must seek to identify what is driving them through Planned Parenthood’s doors. We must extend hope and compassion to women devastated by hopelessness and abuse. And then we will rescue the women, children, and families that Planned Parenthood tried to destroy.

But this is an audacious task that requires focus, energy, and strategy. While we celebrate legislative wins in pro-life states, we must continue looking ahead to the fates of our children in abortion-promoting states such as California, New York, Illinois, and Virginia. A piecemeal strategy won’t serve them; they deserve and demand a National Rescue System that dismantles the abortion industry whether or not pro-life laws are in effect.

When God led us to start Human Coalition, I had no idea what He was going to do with it. Over the last decade, He has turned it into a rescue organization that has exceeded anything I ever imagined. But He’s also made it clear that we cannot be satisfied with rescuing a small percentage of Planned Parenthood’s victims. No. Our calling is to rescue ALL OF THEM – and after that, to walk alongside them as they flourish.

As we answer this call to expand and grow a National Rescue System, we will have moments of exhaustion and moments of celebration. And through it all, we keep our eyes focused on the rescue mission and leave the unknown in God’s hands.

I often reflect on Hudson Taylor’s wisdom. This 19th-century missionary to China said that in every work of God, there are three stages: impossible, difficult, and done. Ending abortion is no longer impossible, but the pro-life movement is still battling through the difficult phase.

By the grace of God, our commission to rescue those being led away to slaughter is not impossible. But it is difficult. And we have much work to do to get it done.

Together, let’s get it done!

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