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As the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continues to climb, and with federal, state and municipal governments taking decisive action to contain the virus’s spread, now is the time for Americans to rally around the values that define us and help each other protect and promote life.

The novel coronavirus is a serious pandemic that threatens families with loss and hardship. Beyond the obviously physical impact, the economic consequences may be severe. Americans are losing their jobs, struggling to get their medical needs met and facing financial hardship in the process. The coronavirus has thrust all Americans into a period of tremendous uncertainty and risk.

But now is not the time to despair! Now is the time to take action and to transform broken lives to the glory of God.

Let us remember that preborn children remain the most vulnerable group in our society. While we appropriately protect and attend to those impacted directly by Covid-19, we should also expect the number of unplanned pregnancies to increase throughout the next several months, which means the number of at-risk preborn children will also increase.

God enjoins us never to forget the most vulnerable among us. During this time of uncertainty, pregnant women and their preborn are uniquely at risk. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy are likely experiencing compounded anxiety and uncertainty because of the COVID-19 outbreak. American women need tangible support, life-affirming care and the kind of real empowerment that can only come from strong pro-life action.

Human Coalition has already taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of our families, staff, and clients. We join the ranks of American companies and non-profits that are making significant shifts in order to meet the new demands placed upon us as stewards and public entities. Because of long-standing commitment to using technology and innovation to rescue and protect, we are providentially well-suited to continue to provide services during this unique time.

At Human Coalition, we continue undaunted in providing holistic, compassionate care to all women in need. And we had already begun adapting to the changing healthcare landscape and pressing need for remote medicine, even before COVID-19.

In 2018 we began a new, innovative Virtual (telehealth) Care Clinic in Texas to serve our clients’ needs more rapidly. As a result of this effort, our teams were ready to respond to the changing landscape the coronavirus created. Our staff immediately switched all of our brick-and-mortar locations to a “virtual-first delivery.” Our nurses and care workers are still ministering to at-risk women every day, though they are doing it through technology and efficient, safe service delivery. Through the virtual clinic we are delivering care to women who, whether because of cost, social distancing or simple fear, cannot afford or do now want to make the trip to a physical clinic. We know that new telehealth technology, combined with powerful life-affirming values, can ease the burden so many women are facing today. Our virtualized system of care is doing just that.

And we must be vigilant. Throughout the years, we’ve seen how the abortion industry continually seeks to exploit women when they are most vulnerable. The coronavirus outbreak has been no different. We know that the abortion industry is using this public health emergency to spread a false narrative about women’s healthcare needs and to line their pockets with abortion proceeds.

Now more than ever before, women need the immediate care that Human Coalition provides. For that very reason, we will continue to fight against the abusive and manipulative abortion industry’s false narrative. We will press on in rescuing the preborn, supporting women with truly empowering healthcare and preserving life from encroachment by the culture of death.

As we continue our fight, we rely on the unfailing support of pro-life Americans to help us battle against the exploitation of women and the preborn. Our clients need compassionate care, and we will fight to give it to them; but in order to reach as many women as possible, we need you to join us in this fight.

The coronavirus outbreak is a challenge to healthcare providers to extend and enhance care to the sick and the vulnerable. It is also a challenge to men and women of faith to bring comfort and love to the women and children who need it most. With your help and in joining with fellow warriors for life, together, we will meet that challenge and continue to succeed in building a culture of life.

So, let’s press on and rise to the challenge together.

Will you give today to help Human Coalition continue to meet the growing needs of our clients and rescue their children from abortion?

And when you give, would you consider becoming a Human Coalition Rescue Partner by choosing to give monthly when you select “Monthly (12 per year) ongoing payments” on the donation page?

During difficult seasons like we are facing now, monthly giving provides a strong foundation to ensure we are able to continue reaching women who are high at risk to abort, rescue their children from abortion, and restore their families to stability.

Thank you for your commitment!

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