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If this were a normal April, we would have all gathered for church on Easter Sunday earlier this month. Families would be going on spring break trips. Cookouts would transpire with friends and family on patios and front porches. Parks would be filled with children enjoying the warmer weather.  

But this isn’t a normal April.  

For many of us, we are well over a month into practicing “social distancing” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are staying inside, watching church on TV, working from home, having food delivered, and avoiding public places as much as possible.  

Even for those who are financially secure, generally healthy, and have a safe job, this has proven to be a challenging time. 

But for women facing unexpected pregnancies, COVID-19 has brought an even greater amount of anxiety and uncertainty—and not only about health. Just last week, economists estimated that the jobless rate has soared to around 15%, which is the highest level since the Great Depression. Moreover, the abortion industry is in full force trying to take advantage of the added fear women are feeling.  

We are hearing this feedback in our life-affirming care clinics. Women have come to us who are struggling financially or completely out of work due to the coronavirus. One said that she feels it is the “wrong time to bring a child” into the world. Another wants an abortion because she was told incorrectly by her employer that being pregnant makes her more vulnerable to the virus. Others just feel more urgency and say that if they are going to get an abortion, they need to do it before “everything shuts down.” 

An unprecedented time calls for an unprecedented response—and that’s why Human Coalition has adapted to the situation and is at full staff and full capacity to bring the message of hope and life to women and families. 

Recently, I shared an update with you that as of March 16, our entire operation of care shifted to a completely virtual “tele-health” model—including in our seven brick-and-mortar locations. Using this model, our nurses, counselors, and social workers continue to provide the same life-affirming care to our clients remotely.  

Today, I am thankful to report… it’s working! 

In fact, not only is it working, we are serving even more women and families than we were before going fully virtual. During the period from March 16th to April 3rd, Human Coalition experienced an overall 51% increase in clients per week—including a 94% increase in clients in crisis—compared to the prior three weeks.  

Most importantly, women and children are being rescued from the horror of abortion.  

Some women chose life without ever being seen in person or having an ultrasound. Our staff said that after talking to one such woman, the “fear was quickly replaced with excitement.” Another woman who chose life said the clinic is what has helped her stay calm throughout COVID-19.  

We have also been stepping up to meet the tangible needs of these women, including critical supplies like baby wipes and soap. After one of our staff members arranged to have supplies delivered to a mom, the client said, “We went to three different stores today in an attempt to find wipes and had no luck… [We] came home and [you] had the box waiting for us. Words can’t begin to describe how much of a blessing y’all are!” 

God is truly working and revealing Himself in unbelievable ways—even amid the hardships of this crisis! 

Of course, the transition to a completely virtual operation has not come without challenges. To accommodate the growing demand for our services, Human Coalition has hired and reallocated staff to increase our capacity by 200-man hours per week. Our staff has handled questions about the virus, new state directives on abortions, and navigated an atmosphere of panic and frustration that has come with the pandemic.  

Despite these challenges, our staff has handled the changes with grace and a servant’s heart. I thank God for such a reliable and dedicated staff who continually answer God’s call to help the most vulnerable among us.  

We don’t know what lies ahead in the days and weeks to come. We don’t know how long the stay-at-home orders will be in place. We don’t know how much time will pass until life goes back to “normal.”  

But we do know that we can rest in “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7).  

I love how one woman—who came to us seeking an abortion but instead chose life—put it: “Life is always going to take us certain paths and even [within] this pandemic, I still see hope.” 

Like her, I still see hope.  

And for as long as this continues, we are committed to bringing that message of hope to those who need it the most. 

On behalf of the entire team at Human Coalition, I want to thank you for all your prayers and support. We also want you to know that we are praying for all of you daily.  

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