Dear Friend,

Before we get caught up in all the activities and hecticness of the holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to share my heart with you.

First and foremost, thank you so much for your faithful partnership with Human Coalition this year.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the most difficult seasons many of us have faced in our lifetimes, with the continued effects of the pandemic, nationwide unrest, and economic uncertainty. Every individual, family, and business was met with unprecedented challenges.

However, through every twist, you were there. For Human Coalition. For the women, men, and families we serve together. For children whose lives were at risk of abortion.

“Life isn’t just about fighting; it’s also about loving.”

I think that’s exactly what Jesus meant when He commanded His followers to love their neighbors. Like the “Good Samaritan,” we keep our eyes and hearts open to the people who face needs and challenges, especially when we’ve been given the resources to meet those needs. To commit to simply “showing up” and “being there” for them — as representatives of His presence and compassion.

That’s the heartbeat of the work we do together… sharing the love, hope, and compassion of Christ to moms and families facing an unexpected pregnancy. Life isn’t just about fighting; it’s also about loving.

In this digital newsletter, you’ll find “Sabrina’s” amazing story, which embodies the love you show to moms and families in need every day. You’ll also learn about a unique opportunity to show love to families over the holidays and receive a special message from Benjamin Watson, Human Coalition’s Vice President of Strategic Relationships and retired NFL tight end.

I hope you are blessed by the stories and insights in this newsletter. Once again, thank you for your partnership in the mission to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. God bless you!

For Life,

Jeff Bradford

“There Is No Way I Am Having an Abortion”“Sabrina’s” Story of Choosing Life

Sabrina knows what it’s like being a survivor. But she wasn’t prepared for this — at how life could seemingly unravel so quickly.

Sabrina had been a single mom for more than a decade. She struggled to make ends meet for her and her daughter. And even though it was difficult, they were making it.

But then he stepped into the picture.

At first, Sabrina’s boyfriend seemed the perfect fit for her little family. In fact, Sabrina hoped they would get married — she believed he was a man who would care for her and raise her daughter with her.

Sabrina was shocked when she realized her boyfriend was more of a monster than a man. It was so sudden when everything came to light — drug addiction, abuse, violence…

Survival mode kicked in, and Sabrina got out of the relationship, fearing for her safety and the safety of her daughter. Sabrina needed support as she figured out her next steps. She temporarily moved in with a family member, knowing her little family was safe.

Then, Sabrina discovered she was pregnant…

This couldn’t be happening, Sabrina thought. Out of fear and anxiety, Sabrina started actively seeking an abortion. Her situation was simply too dire, she told herself.

When Sabrina started making phone calls, she reached out to Human Coalition’s Contact Center.

She shared her story and talked about her fears and anxiety — and all the reasons why she had to abort her baby. The agent compassionately listened to Sabrina’s concerns. Sabrina then decided to visit a Women’s Care Clinic for a free ultrasound.

When Sabrina saw her 15-week-old baby moving and stretching on the ultrasound monitor, she said to her counselor, “There is no way I am having an abortion.”

After choosing life, Sabrina was connected to the Continuum of Care program, where she received help and support to begin saving for an apartment. She participated in Holiday Connections, an event where she was showered with love, support, and friendship around Christmastime.

All of this was life-changing for Sabrina. She says, “If I had not gone to the women’s clinic, I don’t know what would have happened to me and my baby. Thank God I received so much help. And the most important thing is I know I am not alone.”

Today, Sabrina has a smile as big as Christmas as she embraces her newborn son, “Caleb.” Choosing life was the best decision she ever made.

Sabrina’s story is just one example of the many lives rescued because of your support. Thank you for standing in the gap to rescue moms like Sabrina and children like Caleb!

Holiday ConnectionsBlessing Families over the Holiday Season!

Every year, Human Coalition partners with local communities, churches, and ministry friends like you to help provide for the tangible needs of families in an event called “Holiday Connections.”

This effort is critical to making “connections” between the body of Christ and Women’s Care Clinic patients, their families, and their immediate needs.

This is the kind of impact you can help make through Holiday Connections…

Crystal had visited a Human Coalition women’s clinic for an ultrasound. She needed advice and encouragement as she raised her two young children while pregnant with her third. Crystal had an abortion during an earlier pregnancy and later realized it was a tremendous mistake. This time around, she wanted to do the right thing, and she asked for our help.

Through Holiday Connections, a local church group got to know Crystal and helped provide her and her small family a Thanksgiving meal and financial support during Christmas — to buy gifts for her children.

Crystal was so grateful. She said, “Thank you so much for thinking about our family. The holidays are very hard for us. The kids have birthdays around the holidays, and it gets difficult.”

Holiday Connections is a tremendous blessing for moms, dads, and families who need help the most — being loved, accepted, and supported with the hands of Christ during the holiday season.

To find out more, including how you can get involved in the future, visit today!

A Special Message from Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson is a retired NFL tight end, Super Bowl champion, best-selling author, and Vice President of Strategic Relationships at Human Coalition. Benjamin is married to his wife, Kirsten, and they have seven children.

“And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Micah 6:8 is much more than a simple Bible verse. It’s the very lifeblood of my family, and it inspires how we represent Christ and the gospel in the world.

And it’s this call to justice that stands behind my support for life — and my work at Human Coalition. Abortion is a complex issue of justice, human rights, and dignity — and must be addressed holistically. That’s what I love most about my work with Human Coalition.

We all have inherent value as creations of God. From womb to tomb, people deserve to be respected, and mothers deserve to be supported. By partnering with Human Coalition, you’re providing a full spectrum of services — from telecare and brick-and-mortar clinics, to working toward policy and
legislative reforms. You are involved in so many different aspects of caring for women, families, and preborn children.

As Christians, you and I must be people who are passionate about life. And anytime there is a life that is mistreated, devalued, or oppressed, God is looking to all of us — the body of Christ — to actively defend and fight for it.

That’s why I’d like to thank you for being a part of this incredible work of justice, human dignity, and protecting innocent life through your prayers and financial support.

And if you haven’t jumped in yet, I invite you to join the growing coalition of men and women like you who want to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

Together, let’s live out Micah 6:8.


A Snapshot of Your Impact!

These statistics are just a snapshot of the impact you have made on children and families in the last fiscal year! Get even more insights into how your prayers and support reached moms, rescued children, and restored families in the fiscal year 2021 Annual Report.

Text “REPORT2021” to 469-884-6565 today to receive your digital copy of the fiscal year 2021 Annual Report.

Inviting You to PRAY

Jeff Bradford, President

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and are coming away inspired to continue demonstrating love – the very love of Jesus – in the days and weeks ahead. Especially as we head into the holiday season.

Now, I’d like to invite you to pray.

Will you pray that God will open more doors and draw more women and families in crisis to Human Coalition? And please pray for the ministry and staff to have wisdom and discernment as we walk with individuals and families through the crises they face — sharing the hope that they can be equipped and empowered to choose life for their children.

Thank you again for your generous support and partnership this year. I’m so thankful for you. And I hope you and yours have a very blessed holiday season.

For children and families,

Jeff Bradford

Thank you for reading the Winter 2021 edition of the Human Connection!

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