“Laura’s” family was at risk of falling apart.

Her marriage was going through a rough patch. And she had her hands full with their two children. Then, she discovered she was pregnant with another man’s child.

She had no idea what to do. Her husband loved children, but she couldn’t bear the thought of telling him about the pregnancy. The father of the baby told her that he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. And Laura had never felt more alone.

Laura knew the stress of an unexpected pregnancy all too well. Her first two pregnancies were unexpected, and Laura ended up making the decision to gift those two babies to loving adoptive families. And she later had two more children with her husband.

But this situation was different.

Desperate to keep the pregnancy a secret from her husband, she started doing something she never imagined she would do – searching online for an abortion clinic.

The Support Laura Needed

As she was searching for an abortion clinic, Laura instead found the number to Human Coalition’s Contact Center. With a shaky finger, she managed to dial the number.

To her relief, a friendly voice was on the other end, and she was assured that there was a compassionate team of individuals ready to walk with her through her journey. Laura was quickly scheduled for an appointment with a nurse at one of Human Coalition’s Women’s Care Clinics.

At the appointment, Laura felt like she could really open up. She shared her fears and concerns with the nurse. And from their conversation, Laura gained the courage she needed to break the news of the pregnancy to her husband.

When the time came to tell her husband, she prepared herself for the worst.

With folded hands, she nervously looked him in the eyes and told him everything. But his response took her by complete surprise.

He told her that he was the father of her child – regardless of the timing or circumstances of the pregnancy. He wanted her to choose life and was willing to accept the child as his own!

Laura decided then and there that she would choose life for her child. And for the first time, she started to feel excited about the baby.

Laura came back to the women’s clinic for an ultrasound and was thrilled to share the good news with the nurse who had cared for her during her darkest hour of need. She said that she just knew that she was having a baby girl!

Comprehensive Care for the Long Haul  

While Laura was set on parenting her child, her journey wasn’t over. She was still worried about many challenges that she faced.

She already had two children. Would they need a bigger car to fit another car seat? Would they have enough money to pay for additional childcare? The stress and questions circulated in her mind.

The nurse then connected Laura to Human Coalition’s Continuum of Care team, who immediately began addressing her concerns. In the following weeks and months, they were able to help provide the resources she needed so she could focus on what was most important – her baby girl.

When baby “Ashley” made her debut, Laura and her husband were immediately in love. Soon after, Laura’s husband brought Ashley’s siblings in to meet their new sister.

Laura teared up as she looked around the room. She couldn’t help but think about how she once feared everything would fall apart. But now, her whole family was restored and all together in one room.

The staff at the women’s clinic was so excited to hear about the birth of Ashley. They told Laura that she was always welcome there, and Laura knew that they meant it.

Today, Laura and Ashley continue to visit the women’s clinic, and after each visit, the staff loads her car with a stock of diapers and wipes. Laura always expresses how thankful she is for the staff and all those who support Human Coalition. Because the care she received not only rescued her child – but it rescued her entire family.

A Family Restored – Thanks to YOU!

For many moms, a situation like this could have ended in abortion. And given the emotional toll abortion takes on families, her marriage may have never been repaired. In fact, some studies indicate that abortion can make it up to two times more likely that a marriage will end in divorce.

But thanks to you and your support, Laura’s marriage was restored, and her daughter was given a chance at LIFE outside the womb.

If you want to be part of restoring more families, like Laura’s, learn how you can get involved here: www.HumanCoalition.org/Rescue-Partners

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to supporting this national rescue system that saves babies and entire families from the devastation of abortion!