“Nora” had been sitting at the Planned Parenthood clinic for over an hour, anxiously waiting for her name to be called.

Today was the day that she was supposed to get it over with. She had been anticipating this day ever since she found out she was pregnant. And she just wanted it to happen.

Nora had already been struggling with depression and anxiety before she found out she was pregnant. A baby just felt like it was too much to handle.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have the support of her family. She just didn’t feel like she could take on raising a child. Not right now… not at this time in her life. And abortion felt like the only option.

But now that the day had finally come to have the abortion, the electricity was out at the clinic.

Of course this would happen to me, Nora thought to herself.

As the minutes continued to pass, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to call someone.

She took out her phone and called her friend “Samantha,” and told her what was going on. Nora was frustrated. She was tired. She was emotionally exhausted.

Samantha encouraged her to leave the clinic and see if she could get in somewhere else. Nora agreed that it was the best option… she wanted to see someone as soon as possible.

She desperately searched for another clinic to go to. That’s when she found a number to one of Human Coalition’s Women’s Care Clinics, which was nearby. Grasping for any little bit of hope, she called the number.

Immediate Care When She Needed It Most

When the women’s clinic answered, the staff member compassionately listened to her story. She knew right away that she had to get Nora in immediately, so she told her to come to the clinic and a nurse would meet with her that day.

Nora arrived at the clinic and was greeted by a friendly staff member. A nurse then brought her back to a counseling room and began to talk to her about her pregnancy. Nora shared that even though she had been scheduled to have an abortion that day, now, she wasn’t sure that she really wanted to go through with it.

The nurse told Nora about the services available to her through Human Coalition’s Continuum of Care program – including material assistance, public assistance, and childcare. She told her that the entire staff would be ready to lock arms with her and walk with her through her journey of becoming a mom.

Nora still wasn’t convinced that it was the right decision for her, but she asked to have an ultrasound.

As she saw the images of her tiny baby on the screen, it finally sunk in that there was no way she could go through with an abortion.

Nora admitted that she was still overwhelmed about the situation she was in. But knowing that she had the support of the women’s clinic staff, she felt empowered that she could be a mom and give her child LIFE outside the womb.

Nora left the clinic that day feeling confident in her decision, and never looked back!

An Unexpected Transformation

Over the coming months, Nora became more and more excited to meet her baby. While an unexpected pregnancy had been daunting at first, she was embracing the idea of becoming a mom.

The women’s clinic staff remained in close touch with her as she got closer to her due date. They encouraged her and gave her the kind of care that she was never given at Planned Parenthood. She even received material assistance and resources to help prepare her for her child.

In that time, Nora’s life was transformed!

She saw her deep feelings of depression and anxiety melt away in the anticipation of becoming a mom. Those feelings were replaced with a tremendous sense of thankfulness, encouragement, hope, and joy.

When the day came to give birth, Nora was elated to finally meet her baby girl, “Isabella.”

After she was settled, Nora went back to the women’s clinic to introduce Isabella to the staff that helped her so much.

She talked to them about how close she came to having an abortion. She talked about what would have happened if the electricity would not have been out at the Planned Parenthood clinic. And she talked about how her unexpected pregnancy led to an unexpected transformation in her life.

Your Support Transforms Lives

Was it meant to be that the power would go out at the Planned Parenthood clinic at the very moment that Nora was scheduled to have an abortion? Was it divine intervention? Or was it just a coincidence?

Not everything in life can be fully explained or understood. But we do know that when Nora needed it the most… when she was desperate to talk through her circumstances with someone… when she was about to make an irreversible decision… you were there for her.

That day, Nora was struggling with depression and anxiety. She was emotionally drained and was on the brink of aborting her child. Even though she chose life, she had a lot of unanswered questions about her future.

However, today, thanks to you, Nora’s life has been transformed. Sure, her life isn’t perfect. She has the struggles that many parents face. But she’s no longer consumed by depression and anxiety.

She’s joyful. She feels empowered. And she’s a mom.

Thank you for your partnership to rescue moms like Nora, and children like Isabella!

If you want to help transform the lives of more families, please know that it only costs $26 to reach the next mom seeking an abortion. Will you rescue the next child like Isabella by giving a gift today? Will you empower the next mom like Nora to choose life? https://www.humancoalition.org/donate/save-a-child/