Poor and desperate, Jessica and her husband Carl visited our women’s care clinic determined to have an abortion. “We didn’t have any money to buy what a baby would need,” Jessica recalls. “But then the caregiver assured us, ‘We can help you with that.’” That’s when Jessica’s outlook changed.

It was during her second appointment, when Jessica received an ultrasound, that she made the decision for life. “I don’t have to give up my baby because I didn’t want to. I never wanted to. I just didn’t see another way.” Our staff rallied around Jessica and Carl, equipping them to embrace their pregnancy rather than run from it.

Over the course of their pregnancy, Jessica and Carl took full advantage of our resources, even taking budgeting and parenting classes. And then in mid-2008, they welcomed their little girl into the world.

Now, 10 years later, our staff continues to love on Jessica and Carl, walking with them and showing them God’s love. “It’s a lifetime connection,” Jessica says, “and we continue to support the women’s care clinic in every way possible.”

Jessica and Carl went from being dead broke and abortion-determined, to monthly contributors in support of the work we do.

Although the odds seemed stacked against Jessica and Carl, they made the courageous decision to choose life. Today, they are committed advocates for life. Jessica serves as a receptionist at our women’s care clinic in Raleigh, and the couple continues to do everything they can to pay it forward to other women in need of life-affirming care.