“Aleada’s” boyfriend called our clinic looking for information on abortion. But when our Care Coordinator met privately with Aleada, she admitted her indecision. A previous abortion had left her with emotional and physical scars that she did not want to experience again. However, having just lost her job, Aleada felt overwhelmed by the prospect of raising a baby without a steady income.

During her appointment to confirm her pregnancy, Aleada saw her baby for the first time via ultrasound. Surprised by the size and movements of her child, she knew she could not go through with an abortion. But she still feared what the future would bring. Our staff scheduled a follow-up appointment with Aleada, so we could create a plan to help her overcome her fears.

Aleada returned to our clinic with her mom by her side. They both laughed while watching the baby squirm and wiggle on the monitor during the ultrasound. With the support of our staff, Aleada secured a job interview and began rebuilding her life with her baby at its center.

Please keep Aleada in your prayers. Although she has chosen life for her child, she still faces an uphill battle as a single mom. Through your prayerful and financial support, Aleada and her child will have the strength and resources to overcome these obstacles.