“Alice” visited our women’s care clinic full of fear and uncertainty about her unplanned pregnancy. Like so many women in crisis, she was searching for someone to offer her hope. But Alice’s story didn’t begin the moment she walked through our doors, nor when she first realized she was pregnant. Alice’s story actually began 12 years earlier when her older sister, “Debra,” visited our clinic (then known as the Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills).

Circumstances were much different back then. Our clinic was smaller, our menu of services were more limited, and we’d just hired our first ultrasound technician. But our mission was the same: to rescue as many babies as possible from abortion.

Single, confused, and leaning toward getting an abortion, Debra came to us seeking answers and direction, which we were able to provide in the form of encouraging counsel, a free ultrasound, and parenting resources. Debra left our clinic full of hope and ready to have her baby.

Twelve years later, Debra needed our help again, only this time it was for her sister Alice. In her early 20s, Alice was employed full time as a server and lived at home with her parents. When her pregnancy test proved positive, Alice’s world turned upside down. How could she parent a child on her salary? What would her parents say? What would the baby’s father think?

All of these questions were swirling in Alice’s mind as she sat down with our patient, nonjudgmental Care Coordinator. We assured Alice that she was not alone and we’d walk with her throughout her pregnancy, just like we’d done with her sister 12 years ago. Our Care Coordinator suggested a care plan to ensure that Alice received the resources she needed to be a great parent.

Three days later, we received a call from an ecstatic Debra. “I don’t know what you said to my sister, but she has decided to keep the baby!”

Alice returned to our women’s care clinic with her boyfriend. They met one-on-one with our Care Coordinator who helped educate them about the pregnancy and their options. Although they were still visibly shaken by their unexpected pregnancy, all their fears seemed to dissipate at the sight of their tiny 6-week-old baby on the ultrasound monitor. This was their baby.

During the months that followed, our staff remained in constant communication with Alice, encouraging and praying for her. We also helped provide for her practical needs, such as assisting her efforts to procure affordable healthcare. When Alice returned to our clinic for a second ultrasound, Debra was by her side. Both women rejoiced at the sight of the 16-week-old baby, and they started making plans to welcome this new addition to their family.

At Human Coalition, we’ve found that our best life advocates are the women who’ve been served by our caring staff. They understand what it’s like to face an unplanned pregnancy, and how the love and support of people who really care make all the difference in their life-decision process.

Twelve years ago, our family of donors gave to help the clinic rescue the life of Debra’s baby. Little did they know their gifts would be multiplied when they helped rescue Alice’s baby also. That’s the beauty of our lifesaving ministry. When you give, you not only help rescue a life in the short term, but your generosity may start a ripple effect that will save more lives for generations to come.

Thank you for supporting Human Coalition.