When “Maria” discovered she was pregnant, she had just lost everything.    

Recently evicted from her apartment and without a stable home, Maria made the heart-wrenching decision to send “Chase,” her teenage son, to live with her mom in another state.  

In the early weeks of her pregnancy, she bounced back and forth between motels, her car, and even an emergency shelter. And to make the situation worse, the father of her baby was not involved.   

Maria wondered how she could care for another child. She couldn’t even care for her older child – let alone herself. She decided that if she ever wanted to get back on her feet and live with her son again, having an abortion was her only option.   

So, she began searching for abortion information online. But instead, she found the number for Human Coalition’s Contact Center.  

A Caring Nurse Was There for Maria 

Maria called the number and was urgently connected with a compassionate nurse at the Telecare Women’s Clinic to start counseling and care right over the phone. Throughout the conversation, Maria sensed that the nurse truly cared about helping her as she shared about the situation she faced.  

Maria knew that she would not have enough money for an abortion. But even after talking through all her other options, she still believed she had no real choice other than pursuing an abortion.  

After being counseled by the nurse at the telecare clinic, Maria decided to visit a Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Clinic to confirm her pregnancy with a pregnancy test and have a free ultrasound.  

Even though she could hear her baby’s strong heartbeat, she struggled to connect with the early pregnancy images. Maria was so overwhelmed with the reality that she was still homeless. While she had recently gotten a job, her transportation had gone from unstable to unusable. And she was forced to take public transportation everywhere she went.  

The obstacles continued to stack against her, and abortion was still on the table. But the telecare nurse never gave up on Maria or her baby!  

The nurse continued to compassionately care for Maria and her preborn child. She helped Maria schedule a second ultrasound and told her about the resources she could receive through Continuum of Care.  

Finally, the day came for Maria’s second ultrasound. This time, she could see her baby’s tiny arms and legs dancing around. She felt an incredible sense of love seeing her child move around for the first time. Knowing that a team of experts was ready to help her get to stability, she decided then and there to choose life!  

Life-changing Support Through Continuum of Care 

After Maria decided to choose life, the Continuum of Care staff continued to link arms with her so she could provide the life that her children deserved.  

Continuum of Care is a body of services Human Coalition offers to patients in need of long-term care and support to meet physical, emotional, and tangible needs. Best-in-class organizations and mentors are selected that provide support, such as financial assistance, job training, job placement, maternity housing, and health care. Our care coordinators then “quarterback” care so that hurting families have every opportunity to receive the resources they need to get back to stability. 

From day one, the staff helped her complete her application for Medicaid and discussed her housing needs and goals. With the help and encouragement of the Continuum of Care team, Maria slowly began to rebuild her life. 

She started saving up any extra money she could, and eventually saved up enough to buy a car. Our team then provided her with information on affordable housing, and Maria moved into a new apartment. Best yet, Chase was able to move back in with her. Maria finally felt like she could exhale.   

Just when she thought she was on solid footing, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And like so many around the country, Maria’s work hours were reduced at her job. 

But because the Continuum of Care staff stayed in touch with Maria throughout her pregnancy, they were able to jump in right away. They connected her with rental assistance to help her keep the apartment she worked so hard to get.  

Additionally, while Maria assumed that she would never have a baby shower because of pandemic, the staff came through for her again. Through one of Human Coalition’s strategic partnerships, a local church sponsored a virtual baby shower for Maria – delivering everything she needed for her new baby right to her front door. 

Soon after, Maria was thrilled to welcome her baby boy, “Carter” into the world. While Carter arrived a month early, he quickly became a healthy and happy baby!  

A Path to Long-term Stability 

Maria’s story didn’t end after giving birth to Carter. She continued staying in touch with Continuum of Care, and the staff has continued to connect her to resources to achieve true, long-term stability.  

They helped Maria find affordable childcare – enrolling just in time to return to work after maternity leave. Maria then landed a higher paying job that better provided for the needs of her growing family.  

The most exciting update is that she is working with her city’s homebuyer’s assistance program and is on track to purchase her very first home!  

Maria’s transformation has been amazing. She started in a state of crisis – facing homelessness, an unexpected pregnancy, and barely had the means to take care of herself and her teenage son.  

 Now, she has a stable job, is buying a home, and has a support system to help her take on any challenge that comes her way. And she is with BOTH of her children. 

Your Support Makes Stories Like Maria’s Possible 

Over 75% of the women who come to Human Coalition seeking an abortion say they would “prefer to parent” if their life circumstances were different. Most often, these women are in need of basic resources, such as food, housing, and childcare.  

That’s why your support of the National Rescue System is so important.  

Thanks to your partnership, moms in desperate situations, like Maria, receive the care they need to meet their physical, emotional, and tangible needs. They are given the support and resources to overcome their challenges.  

And most importantly, they are shown that abortion is not their only option. 

Thank you for making stories like Maria’s possible every day! 

Read more stories of the moms you REACH, the children you RESCUE, and the families you RESTORE here: https://www.humancoalition.org/get-involved/stories/life-decisions/.