“Blair” was devastated when she discovered she was pregnant. In the midst of trying to end her relationship with the baby’s father – and terrified of what her parents would say – Blair decided abortion was the only sensible option. 

A trusted friend got Blair an appointment at our clinic, hoping to confirm the pregnancy with both a test and an ultrasound. After meeting one on one with a compassionate counselor, Blair went into the ultrasound room to meet her baby for the first time. Shock and fear soon followed when Blair discovered she was expecting twins!  

Overwhelmed by the thought of having twins and desperately wanting to finish school, Blair struggled with what to do next. She felt completely inadequate to raise even one child, let alone twins.  

However, our staff prayed for Blair and regularly followed up with her through phone calls and texts. We encouraged her to consider the resources that are available to assist her during her pregnancy and throughout parenthood.  

After weeks of deliberation, and on account of the support she received from our staff and her family, Blair decided to give life a chance.  

Not long after making this courageous decision for life, Blair called our women’s care clinic to announce she was having boys. 

Please rejoice with us over the rescue of these two precious lives and the courage Blair found to make the best decision for her and her children!