As Human Coalition continues to grow and expand, we have the honor of hearing stories of courageous women and men who choose life despite challenging circumstances.

One such story really touched me, and I wanted to share it with you.

In late February, a single mom went online to look for an abortion. Tracy (not her real name) didn’t really believe in having an abortion, but she also didn’t know how she was going to handle another child.

She was getting ready to start a new job, was struggling to make ends meet as a single mother of a toddler, and thought it was better to end the pregnancy instead of trying to survive with another mouth to feed.

Human Coalition directed Tracy to her local pregnancy resource center. The counselors there understand what this mom was facing. And so they gently explained to her the truth about abortion and shared their own stories about their experiences.

Tracy left still not sure what to do. She had been firm in her decision to abort, but now was struggling with the decision.

A week later the pregnancy center followed up with Tracy. She was still uncertain, but she had contacted the father and asked for some money to pay for the abortion. The father had responded that he didn’t think abortion was a good idea. The center offered to let Tracy speak with someone who had made the choice to abort several years ago, and Tracy agreed.

Sometimes talking to a friend who has been there can help put the pieces together. And that is exactly what happened to Tracy.

After hearing the counselor’s own story of abortion, Tracy decided the life of her unborn child was too valuable to terminate. And so Tracy chose life. She will remain in contact with the pregnancy center, and they will continue to support her as she moves along through her pregnancy.

Stories like these remind me of the importance of relationship and courage. Notice how the center counselors compassionately shared their own lives with Tracy. That takes courage. The father of the baby let his conscience guide him, and he encouraged Tracy to carry the baby to term. Though not always the case, we often see men standing in the gap for their pre-born child, even if they are no longer in relationship with the mother.

And Tracy’s courage is perhaps the most inspiring. Life is not easy for her right now. And life is about to get even more challenging as she progresses through the pregnancy and welcomes another child into the world.

Pray for this young woman. She has made a decision that she knows will make her life financially harder. But she has put the life of her child first, and we pray that God will honor her. We pray that friends, family, and the pregnancy center will continue to support her and pour themselves into her, so that she and her family will experience the joys of all that life has to offer.

Pray with us, and if you would, donate to Human Coalition today. We see stories like Tracy’s every day, but we can’t keep making a difference without your help. Thank you!