The Family I Never Knew I Needed

Brittany was walking through her most difficult season yet. She had just experienced a breakup and was involved in a car accident that left her temporarily paralyzed. She was emotionally and physically exhausted. Then, she found out she was pregnant. Her difficult season turned into a full-blown crisis. 

“I was hopeless – it felt like I was going through a tunnel where it was just me. How do I clearly see forward? Selfishly I wondered, ‘What’s best for me at this time’?” 

With everything seemingly out of control in her life, she knew she could control at least one thing. With everything else slipping out of her fingers, what to do about her pregnancy became her focus. Concerned about her body and what it was actually capable of, Brittany decided to have an abortion. 

After setting her mind on what she had to do, Brittany went online to find a place where she could get an abortion. She wanted to get it over with, make it happen, as fast as she possibly could.  

Instead, she found the number to Human Coalition’s national contact center. She decided to call the number and was surprised to find a comforting and calming voice on the other end of the line. After a brief conversation, she was set up with an appointment at a pregnancy center near her. 

When she arrived at the center, Brittany sat down to speak with a nurse who began to counsel her through a host of different options. However, what struck Brittany the most was the list of insightful questions that were asked and the different possibilities to consider. 

“I remember the nurse asked the question ‘what would be so different with a child in your life than what it’s like right now’? It hit me then that I wasn’t thinking with a broad enough perspective.” 

Brittany knew she was a great mom. She was raising her 5-year-old daughter with autism and absolutely loved her. She cherishes her life. Deep down, what Brittany really longed for was to be told that she was capable of parenting this child too. That despite her obstacles, she could overcome them. Brittany had to ignore the lie that her body wouldn’t make it through another pregnancy; the lie that her body couldn’t do what it was made to do. Through the care and encouragement of her nurse, it was then that the thought of abortion became unthinkable and unnecessary to Brittany. 

If there was one word to describe Brittany, it would be tenacious. Once her mind was made up that she would choose life for her baby, there was no turning back. 

“I realized I couldn’t bow down to the stigma that the world tries to place on moms. Despite obstacles, I can raise a wonderful person. I’m doing it now. Why should I take away a gift that God gave me?” 

Brittany truly thought she wouldn’t be able to have any more children. She began to see this child inside of her as a miracle from God. Looking back on that time where uncertainty and doubt lingered in her mind, she finds herself grateful she chose life for her baby.  

Brittney was also connected with a caring social worker in the Continuum of Care program that she developed a deep bond with. Between the nurse that could answer her medical questions and a social worker focused on addressing the real needs creating challenges in her life, Brittany found a support system that was able to walk with her throughout her entire pregnancy. This support system was committed to providing for her tangible needs, both financially and emotionally. She received baby clothes, winter coats, and even a bassinette which she absolutely loves!  

Brittany built such a close relationship with these new friends in her life that she even invited them to her baby shower.  

“Whenever I had a question, their staff had an answer every time. Answers I didn’t even know I needed. God puts the people you need around your life. Y’all are such a blessing to me and have really enforced that I can do anything that comes my way.” 

Many other moms walking through unexpected pregnancies don’t have the community and support that Brittany found. Most are unaware of the resources that are available to them! And those resources are often what empower moms to choose life, like Brittany did. So, thank you for coming through for these moms by providing the help and hope they need to overcome their challenges. Children are rescued from abortion when their moms are served, and their needs are met.   

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