When “Kylie” found out she was pregnant, everyone in her life had a different opinion on what she should do.

She was scared to tell the father of the baby, since they weren’t dating and she didn’t think he would be a good dad. And while her mom was supportive and offered to help, she was also insistent that the father was told so Kylie could receive child support if she moved forward with the pregnancy.

Her sisters were more complicated.

One of her sisters had previously had an abortion and knew the pain firsthand. But her other sister was extremely harsh and judgmental toward Kylie’s situation.

Everyone’s opinions were circulating through her mind. But ultimately, Kylie was just scared.

 Scared to give birth to the child. Scared to have an abortion. Scared to put the child up for adoption. Scared that the father would find out. Scared she wouldn’t be able to raise the child on her own. Scared of the emotional scarring regardless of what decision she made.

Overwhelmed with fear, Kylie decided the best option was to schedule an abortion. As she searched for an abortion appointment online, she found the number to Human Coalition’s Contact Center.

“Is My Baby Alive”

When Kylie reached the Contact Center, the call agent compassionately listened to her story. It was clear that Kylie needed counseling and care right away, so the call agent connected her to a telecare nurse that was able to jump right into counseling.

Telecare is a critical component of a client’s care.  It allows women to receive rapid care and assistance through phone calls and text messaging. Then, the telecare nurses connect women to one of Human Coalition’s Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Clinics, or to a local, life-affirming pregnancy center in their community. This process ensures women get help as quickly as possible to de-escalate the situation, while also providing convenient care in-person.

The telecare nurse talked Kylie through all her options over the phone. They talked about adoption, and Kylie shared that a few of her family members had offered to help raise the baby. While she was open to the idea, she was worried that she would regret the decision long-term.

They discussed all the challenges Kylie saw to parenting the child as well. She shared that she just didn’t feel ready to be a mom. She also faced financial challenges and was still worried that the father would try to be involved in their lives.

Then, they discussed the realities of abortion. The nurse talked to her about the different abortion procedures and the potential physical and emotional side-effects and risks she would face.

As they discussed the abortion procedures, Kylie asked a simple but important question: “Is my baby alive?” 

The nurse explained the developmental process for the child – sharing that from the moment of conception, the child was alive.

The truth of what would happen to the child hit Kylie. Despite this feeling, she didn’t know how to move forward. The challenges in her life were daunting, and abortion still felt like the only option.

The telecare nurse continued to encourage her. She told Kylie that she was strong and capable of taking care of her child – with or without the father in her life. She shared that not only would Kylie’s family be there for her, but so would the entire team at Human Coalition.

With Kylie’s permission, the telecare nurse scheduled an appointment for her at a nearby pregnancy center to confirm her pregnancy and have an ultrasound to check the health of Kylie and her child.

The Hope to Choose Life

When Kylie arrived for her appointment, she was already feeling more hopeful.

Her conversation with the telecare nurse had opened her eyes to facts and risks of abortion. She had also started to grasp that she may be strong enough to overcome the challenges she faced and parent her child.

Then, seeing the first pictures of her baby on the screen, she knew there was no way she could abort her child. The hope she was already feeling overtook her fears and anxiety. And knowing that a team was ready to lock arms with her, she confidently chose life for her child.

Months later, with her family by her side supporting her, Kylie gave birth to her precious baby girl, “Emily.” And she was so thankful to the contact center, the telecare nurse, and the teams at Human Coalition and the pregnancy resource center for empowering her with the help and hope she needed to choose life.

Your Support Helps Women Like Kylie Become #StrongAsAMother

Kylie’s story is just one example of the lifesaving and life-changing impact your support has on women facing unexpected pregnancies.

By supporting Human Coalition, you reach women who are filled with fear and anxiety over their circumstances. You show them the love and hope of Christ. You empower them with the resources to choose life for their children.

You make them help them say yes to being a mom.

Thank you so much for all you do to reach women like Kylie, and rescue children like her precious daughter, Emily. If you would like to rescue the next child from abortion, please see how you can make a lifesaving impact for another mom like Kylie: https://www.humancoalition.org/donate/save-a-child/