Last June, an exhausted and overwhelmed “Jenny” entered our women’s care clinic in Grapevine with her husband. She was convinced she needed to end her pregnancy, even though her husband was against the idea. “God will make a way. I love my kids—all of my kids,” he told us.

The couple had three children they were struggling to feed and clothe, plus Jenny’s husband had recently lost his job. Even though Jenny had both an abortion and a miscarriage in her past, she had come to believe that abortion wasn’t right in the sight of God. She also let us know that if it weren’t for her financial distress, she’d never consider ending her baby’s life.

Even so, the pressure of not being able to keep up with the rent weighed heavy on her, and the couple was in danger of being evicted if they didn’t pay their landlord.

Jenny met with a kind, caring, and conscientious caregiver at our clinic who listened to her story and focused on the positives in Jenny’s life. The caregiver shared about the potential emotional and spiritual struggles women often experience after an abortion, and Jenny acknowledged that this was a concern of hers. The caregiver also pointed Jenny to some resources in her community where she could obtain emergency rent assistance or help finding more affordable housing.

Our caregiver followed up with Jenny many times after she left our clinic, even as Jenny’s family endured eviction and then lived in a motel temporarily. At one point Jenny sent the caregiver a text message, revealing that her greatest fear was that should she continue this pregnancy, she’d end up living on the streets, homeless, with all of her children and a new baby.

Jenny’s caregiver reminded her that she had several months before the arrival of the baby, and plenty of time to get things in order. We urged Jenny to make the most of the help that’s available for families like hers. In fact, Jenny was able to get food for her children from WIC by presenting the Proof of Pregnancy form our clinic gave to her.

Our team members’ hard work was effective. Jenny saw there was hope for a better future for her and her family. She resisted the temptation to abort, thanks in large part to the love and support we offered at just the right time. And since she made her decision to keep the baby, we’ve stayed in close touch, offering more love and support to help her family through the tough times.

This is what Human Coalition does, with your support.

We walk with women and families in times of distress. We listen to their concerns and help them understand that the troubles they face can be overcome. Problems related to work or finances or family will pass in time… but the fatal decision to end a pregnancy can never be undone.

We’re glad to report that Jenny’s husband eventually landed a part-time job and they were able to move into a one-bedroom apartment that will be sufficient until they get back on their feet. Jenny would later credit the clinic’s staff with giving her courage and keeping her going through this most difficult period of her life.

In December, Jenny and her husband received their new baby girl with joy. Later, when she returned to our clinic to get diapers and wipes provided through the generosity of supporters like you, she thanked us for what we did for her and her family.

She urges other women who are contemplating abortion to always remember: “God will make a way. He has a purpose for the pregnancy.”

Thank you for helping to save Jenny’s little one—as well as more than 300 others here in Dallas/Fort Worth during 2016—through your support for Human Coalition’s timely and compassionate interventions!