When “Jill” learned she was pregnant, her first thought was, not again. With a 5-month-old at home and no job, this single mom couldn’t imagine how she’d be able to care for another child.

The people around her all said something different. Jill’s boyfriend wanted her to keep the baby, her sister advised her not to, and her mother said she’d support Jill no matter what decision she made.

Jill found the phone number for Human Coalition’s contact center online, and she spoke with one of our trained agents. But by the time she visited our women’s care clinic, she was feeling confused and anxious. Our caregivers listened to Jill without making her feel judged as she explained her concerns about having this baby: she had no job, she was a single mom, and her finances were tight. It seemed like the odds were stacked against her.

But as God would have it, our sonographer, Marissa, who had once walked a similar path as Jill, just “happened” to be in the clinic that day. Marissa says, “I explained to Jill my story and what I was going through right now as well. We had a great connection and could relate on so many levels. When Jill saw her baby moving and kicking, she lit up with joy.”

After hearing Marissa’s story, Jill’s heart began to soften toward choosing life for her child. Perhaps she could do this. That’s when God made it clear…

Despite Marissa’s best efforts to capture a quality ultrasound image, the baby continued to toss and turn making it difficult for her to do so. But Marissa did her best and, to the delight of everyone at the clinic, the final sonogram showed Jill’s baby curled up tight inside a heart-shaped uterus.

Jill’s heart melted, “I have to keep this baby. I’m going to have this child.”

Like all moms who choose life at our clinic, Jill will now receive resources to help her be a successful parent. Material blessings like baby care items, financial and budgeting assistance, job search assistance, and other daily needs will be provided for as needed. We will also see to Jill’s spiritual and emotional needs by providing parenting classes and connecting her with one of our partnering churches.

Our long-term Continuum of Care program is what sets Human Coalition – Pittsburgh apart, empowering our clients not only in their life-decision process, but also as they journey through parenthood.

Thank you for supporting our mission!