Your support for Human Coalition in Raleigh is helping us rescue children and serve families. Together, we’re able to reach mothers and families in distress, help them see there are alternatives to abortion, and show them someone cares about them and their future.

Consider the story of “Karis” who called our clinic after finding us online and then made an appointment. She’d never been pregnant before, and she never thought she’d ever consider abortion.

However, when her home pregnancy test was positive, Karis was overwhelmed, scared, and convinced the most responsible thing she could do was get an abortion. She was trying to continue her education, and she was afraid of disappointing her family.

When Karis came to see us, it was too early in her pregnancy to do an ultrasound. Our team members talked to her and her boyfriend about the resources available to them if they chose to keep their baby. She agreed to come back for an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy before making a final decision.

A few weeks passed, and when our team members got in touch with Karis, she told us she was ready to abort. But she was almost crying on the phone, still feeling scared. She also felt alone and wished she could talk to her family. But she thought they’d be too angry to risk telling them.

One of our Care Coordinators met with Karis and talked through her concerns, reminding her she was not alone. We also talked to her about getting an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. Karis agreed. At her next appointment, the ultrasound showed a baby with a heartbeat. She broke down in tears, and we talked with her about what an abortion would do to her baby. And then she told us she wanted her baby to live.

After hearing this, our team offered to meet with Karis and her family to help her break the news to them. This meeting was enormously helpful, and we talked through the challenges to come, as Karis’ family struggled with the shock of the pregnancy. Karis was now reconsidering abortion.

We kept at it though, not giving up on Karis or her baby. We stayed in close contact with her, letting her know we were there for her no matter what. Finally, Karis’ family offered her their full support, and she felt confident enough to follow her heart’s desire and keep her baby.

After her final decision for LIFE was made, Karis asked to come back to see her baby on the ultrasound. For the first time, she smiled at the sight of her little one who had grown since the first ultrasound, and the baby even started dancing as Karis watched. She said, “I’m finally excited about this!

Our Human Coalition team will stay by Karis’ side for the duration of her pregnancy and beyond, helping her deal with all the challenges of being a new mother. This is the type of loving assistance you make possible with your support. Karis’ baby would not have had a chance without you!