Between a full day of college classes, “Kylie” managed to squeeze in a visit to our women’s care clinic. From the moment she walked through our doors, we could tell she was a sensitive yet driven young woman. Committed to her studies and the goal of becoming a nurse, she spoke candidly about her fears of how having a baby would disrupt her education. Although disappointed by her daughter’s pregnancy, Kylie’s mother agreed to support whatever decision she made, as did Kylie’s boyfriend.

Confused and burdened, Kylie didn’t know what to do. “This is my mistake,” she told our caregiver. “The baby didn’t ask to be created. It’s wrong to take a life.” But Kylie worried that by choosing life, her boyfriend would feel trapped into staying with her – even if he didn’t want to.

Our team of trained caregivers counseled Kylie through each potential scenario, painting a picture of what life could look like if she were to keep her baby. A glimmer of hope broke through her doubt, and Kylie began to see herself for what she was – a mother.

During our consultation, we educated Kylie on the impact that abortion often has on women. Recognizing her own emotional sensitivity, Kylie wondered if she could emotionally endure an abortion.

A few weeks later, Kylie and her boyfriend returned to our clinic for a free ultrasound. Amazed by their baby’s development, even at such an early stage, they courageously agreed to parent their baby.

Throughout Kylie’s pregnancy, we remained in close contact with her, helping her obtain affordable health insurance, locating a doctor in her community, and providing answers to her questions regarding the pregnancy.

After the baby’s birth, Kylie visited our clinic to show off her newborn. By this time, Kylie had completed her core college classes and was preparing for nursing school. As we congratulated her on her educational achievements, she had this advice for other young women in her position, “You’d be surprised to see how much support you really have – even if you thought you’d be going it alone,”

Kylie went on to say that although she’d walked through our doors feeling determined to abort her baby, she never once felt pressured or judged. And thanks to our staff’s loving encouragement, she realized she could be a mom while also working toward her goal of becoming a nurse.

Kylie’s boyfriend proudly stood next to her as we all doted on their newborn baby. With a broad grin and tear-filled eyes, he thanked the staff for helping Kylie choose life and for walking alongside them throughout the pregnancy.