“Ailie” had been in the United States only a short while when she discovered she was pregnant. Abandoned by the baby’s father, and having little grasp of the English language, she felt desperately alone. When a pregnancy test came back positive, Ailie visited our women’s care clinic.

Through one of our local church partners, we connected her with a translator who was able to encourage and educate Ailie about her pregnancy. We also provided her with a free ultrasound, where she met her tiny baby whose beating heart was barely visible on the monitor. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ailie left the clinic that day uncertain what she should do.

The translator continued to follow up with Ailie, encouraging her with Christ-centered compassion and life-affirming care. We helped Ailie find affordable prenatal care, so she could continue to work and provide for her child. We also put together a plan that would help Ailie provide for her child. With the support and persistent encouragement of our staff and volunteers, Ailie chose life for her baby.

Months later, Ailie came by the clinic and introduced her counselor to baby “Amos.” Although the path ahead won’t be easy, Ailie is confident in her decision to parent and grateful she’s not alone in the journey.