“Tory’s” only child was now grown and living on his own. And starting over with a baby was not in her plans. As an adult student at the local college and currently unemployed, Tory could not picture caring for a baby.

But then she visited our women’s care clinic.

Our counselor met one-on-one with Tory and painted a picture of what life could look like with a baby. Tory admitted that at her age she didn’t feel ready or capable of raising a child. But she wanted to make a mature choice – one that reflected her years of experience.

During her appointment, we confirmed the pregnancy with a free ultrasound. There on the screen was an image of Tory’s perfectly formed baby. Heart beating. Legs wriggling. Tory glanced at the ultrasound monitor but left the clinic still uncertain about what path she should take.

After several weeks of silence from Tory, we finally received the text we’d been praying for… she was keeping her baby!

Please be in prayer for Tory and the many other mothers who visit our clinic and choose life. They are making a courageous choice that often goes against the cultural current. Your prayerful and financial support gives them the strength they need to push forward with confidence. Thank you!