The news of her pregnancy couldn’t have come at a worse time for “Mareena.” Going through a divorce and trying to raise two children as a single mom, Mareena had hoped for a fresh start. In fact, she’d just given her boss two weeks’ notice with the intention of starting a new business. But now she was pregnant.

When our Care Coordinator met with Mareena, it soon became clear that she felt backed into a corner and believed abortion was her only option. However, Mareena shared about her strong faith in God and a desire to grow closer to Him. She wanted to get involved in a local church; but with a baby on the way and two young ones at home, it felt like an elusive dream.

We encouraged Mareena to give herself time to pray about and process the news of the pregnancy. That time of waiting was just what Mareena needed to clear her head and think through her options.

Upon her return to our women’s care clinic, Mareena received an ultrasound and met her baby for the first time. As she gradually adjusted to the idea of having another child, Mareena began attending a local church with our Care Coordinator.

Because of the encouragement and tangible help our clinic staff gave her, Mareena decided to have her baby. Within a few months, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named “Nylah.”