When “Bethany” visited our women’s care clinic, she was caught up in a web of despair brought on by an unexpected pregnancy. With the baby’s father in prison and a 6-year-old at home, Bethany didn’t know where to turn for help. Although the baby’s father was supportive about her choosing life, he didn’t want to commit to Bethany.

She would be raising another child all alone… something she felt ill-equipped to do.

Our Care Coordinator and clinic volunteers showed Bethany compassionate love and support. We reminded her about the love she has for her 6-year-old and the inner strength she’d already demonstrated as a single mom.

After educating Bethany about the baby’s development and the risks associated with abortion, we gave her a free ultrasound. That’s when everything changed.

During the ultrasound, Bethany witnessed firsthand her baby moving across the screen. “This is all becoming very real,” she told the sonographer. Buoyed by the clinic’s commitment to walk beside her as she parents her children, Bethany found courage to choose life for her baby.

In the subsequent months, Bethany faithfully attended parenting and childbirth classes to refresh her skill set. Today, she is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.