After a bad relationship turned ugly, all “Brittany” wanted to do was start over and be free of her boyfriend. But then the pregnancy test came back positive. Determined to get an abortion, Brittany came to the Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic to get more information.

During her appointment, Brittany admitted to her counselor that she didn’t really want an abortion. But given the bad relationship she had with the baby’s father, she saw no other option. Brittany’s family was aware of her situation and fully supported her abortion plan as well. Brittany was already struggling to make ends meet after receiving a number of unexpected bills. So an abortion would be her ticket to freedom – or so she thought.

During her initial appointment, our staff offered Brittany a free ultrasound. She saw her baby for the first time on the monitor, waving his or her fully formed arms and legs. Brittany was overwhelmed by what she saw, and she left our clinic feeling less certain of her decision to abort. Our staff followed up with her regularly, and a couple weeks later Brittany shared that she’d decided to keep her baby!