“Jaycee” visited our Grapevine Women’s Care Clinic after a home test confirmed her pregnancy. As a single mom to three rambunctious boys – including a set of twins – Jaycee believed abortion was her only option. Not having told the baby’s father about the pregnancy yet, Jaycee hoped to gather as much information as possible before breaking the news to him.

With compassion and confidentiality, our nurse caregiver met with Jaycee and educated her about her pregnancy and the abortion procedure. Although she had previously had an abortion, Jaycee was moved by what she learned and promised to consider all her options.

A week later, Jaycee returned to the clinic with the baby’s father. In the quiet of the ultrasound room, the couple met their 8-week-old baby for the first time. Though their nerves were high, their excitement was even higher. Then and there they chose life!

Last winter, Jaycee welcomed her first little girl! After having three boys, Jaycee tells us, “It’s just so fun, all the bows and pink.”