“Kenzie” was suffering with grief and pain from a previous abortion when she learned she was pregnant again. How could she have let this happen? Certain that her family would pressure her into getting another abortion, Kenzie turned to the same people who helped her heal following her previous abortion – the Raleigh Women’s Care Clinic.

Our counselor welcomed Kenzie back and listened as the young girl talked about all the obstacles standing in the way of choosing life. There were her parents and boyfriend who all wanted her to abort. And then there was high school. Kenzie wanted to graduate but believed a baby would get in the way.

As we discussed her previous abortion, we reminded Kenzie of the pain and loss it had caused her. Was she willing to go through that trauma again? While watching her baby on the ultrasound monitor, Kenzie’s heart began to soften toward choosing life. But she wanted the support of her friends and family.

A few weeks passed and Kenzie returned to our clinic for a second ultrasound, this time with her boyfriend. The pair laughed and smiled when their squirmy baby appeared on the monitor. There was no going back – Kenzie decided she would keep this baby!