“Traci’s” life was unstable and unsafe. With strangers coming in and out of her dad’s apartment at all hours, she knew it was no place to raise a baby. Unfortunately, her boyfriend wasn’t reliable either. So where could she turn now that she was pregnant?

A friend gave Traci the number to our women’s care clinic. But questions swirled in her head: How could she get to the clinic? Who would pay for her transportation? By God’s grace, it turned out our women’s mobile clinic was in Traci’s neighborhood that very day. She could actually walk there!

Traci was amazed by how nice the women’s mobile unit staff were. They were very kind and respectful toward her. When she explained her situation, they didn’t judge or condemn her. Instead, they offered real, practical solutions to help Traci overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles standing between her and choosing life.

Once Traci entered the ultrasound room, she already felt calmer and in control. Seeing the baby’s heart beating and those tiny toes and fingers, Traci began to think that perhaps raising a child was possible.

Over the next few months, Traci attended parenting classes and found a secure apartment for her and her child. By the time “Baby Robbie” was born, Traci was in a much different place than when she first visited our women’s mobile clinic.

Robbie was the first child rescued through our women’s mobile clinic. Since then, we’ve rescued 300 children who, due to their address, were most likely headed for an abortion clinic before Human Coalition connected with their moms and brought them to our women’s care clinics.

The women’s mobile clinic serves as a beacon of light and hope in neighborhoods where abortions are prevalent. Through your generous support, we reach women like Traci and empower them with life-affirming, tangible care!