“Lottie’s” mind raced. She didn’t know if the father of her baby was her new boyfriend, or an abusive man with a criminal history whom she used to date. As a single mom, Lottie struggled to provide for her child. With finances tight and uncertainty over who her baby’s father might be, Lottie panicked.

She reached out to her mother, her boyfriend, and a close friend about her unexpected pregnancy, expressing her fears about raising a second child alone. Everyone she spoke with advised Lottie to schedule an abortion. Even though she already knew the joys of motherhood, the idea of being a single parent to two children felt overwhelming. Feeling abandoned and alone, Lottie’s life seemed to be unraveling.

If she turned to her church, would people judge her for being unmarried and pregnant? No one she turned to offered any encouragement or help. Everyone she consulted pushed her toward aborting her child. Alone, unsupported, and out of options, Lottie scheduled an abortion.

A heavy heart

The decision made her heart feel heavy, and Lottie began searching for more information online regarding her options.

She called the number for Human Coalition’s Virtual Clinic and was able to speak with Pam, a nurse, right away. As she and Pam talked, Lottie’s tensions began to dissipate. For the first time, Lottie didn’t feel alone. She was relieved to be able to confide in a compassionate, trained medical professional, and she began to see a glimmer of hope. Abortion was not her only option.

Empowered by the Virtual Clinic and its life-affirming information, Lottie was referred to a pregnancy center in her area, where she confirmed her pregnancy. In the days to come, Pam regularly checked in with Lottie to ask how she was feeling and to offer help—letting Lottie know she was there for her. The clinic’s staff and nurses gave Lottie the compassion and understanding she needed to be able to say no to abortion.

The morning before the abortion

The morning before Lottie’s scheduled abortion, Pam called to check on her again and provide encouragement that Lottie could carry her child. And Lottie told her she’d already canceled the abortion!

Lottie candidly shared,

“I am worried about how my church family will perceive my pregnancy. But the person who matters (God) already knows, and I know He wants me to keep my baby.”

With compassion and support, Lottie was able to overcome her fears and the negative voices that were pushing her to abort her child.

Throughout the course of Lottie’s pregnancy, our Virtual Clinic staff showed her the love and support she desperately longed for. Lottie chose to keep in touch with our staff and nurses. She even gave them a copy of the sonogram of her baby, saying,

“Thanks again for everything! You made a difference in my life that I will always be grateful for!”