When we met “Missy,” she was unsure that she could have a second child and still attain the education and job goals she needed to help support her family. She already had one child; and although her husband was supportive of their having another one, Missy still felt overwhelmed.

Our staff listened to Missy as she shared the reasons behind her fear and apprehension. Afterward, one of our Care Coordinators emphasized the positive figures in Missy’s life who would empower her to parent a second child, such as her encouraging husband and supportive family members.

By taking the time to listen carefully to her, our staff met Missy at her point of need. She also received a free, high-quality medical ultrasound that day, and that experience helped Missy connect emotionally with her growing baby.

After Missy left our clinic, the staff continued to pray for and maintain communication with her. So they were overjoyed to receive a text message from Missy, saying, “I’m still scared, but the baby is a blessing.”

Our pro-life clinic staff supported Missy throughout her pregnancy, including extending an invitation to her and her toddler to participate in our Christmas Angels program in 2015. This past Christmas, Missy received practical gifts such as a much-needed infant car seat and a breast pump that, in her words, allowed her to “slow down and take my time.”

Supported by Human Coalition, Missy was able to make a life-affirming decision for her family, and she welcomed her second child earlier this year. To others facing uncertainty during their pregnancy, Missy assures, “It gets better. The scary feeling goes away once you start to feel your baby move inside you. Then you are so happy when he or she is born.”