Just as a reminder, Human Coalition is now Human Coalition, and our women’s care clinics are now known as Cura Women’s Care Clinics.

The word curo is Latin for “care,” and it reflects our passion for rescuing children and families from abortion by providing the very best care for hurting people.

Human Coalition has now expanded beyond what it was originally designed to do six years ago. And our new name will eliminate confusion for our donors, local churches, and the public by properly conveying what we do. The name “Human Coalition” reflects a holistic approach to the mission of ending abortion in cities across America by rescuing children and serving families. And our five women’s care clinics are an integral part of that mission.

One gripping example of how we’re committed to compassionately and fervently rescuing children and serving families is “Roya’s” story.

Suspecting she was pregnant, Roya visited one of our women’s care clinics with her fiancée. With just one month to go until their wedding, Roya was determined and eager to terminate the pregnancy before her special day.

Roya and her fiancée asked poignant questions about the physical toll an abortion would take on her body and, more specifically, if she’d be able to have children once they were married.

The clinic’s caregiver showed Roya and her fiancée a video that describes the abortion procedure, and then she explained the physical and emotional risks involved. As she watched the video, Roya recalls thinking, If my mother knew what I was thinking about doing, she would be devastated.

Before Roya and her fiancée left the clinic, the compassionate team of caregivers equipped them with information about available resources that would help them choose LIFE and parent their child. They even role-played how Roya would tell her mother about the pregnancy.

A few days later, Roya phoned the clinic to tell the staff she’d told her mother, and her mom had promised to support Roya’s decision to parent.

The wedding took place as planned, and Roya and her husband welcomed their first child a few months later. The transition into parenthood hasn’t been easy, but Roya says she wouldn’t have done it any other way. “God will give you what you need,” she says.

At Human Coalition, we are committed to saving children and serving families who are struggling with the decision to abort, helping them choose LIFE instead. In the key cities where we’re working, our teams continue to build strong partnerships with local churches, so women like Roya will have a spiritual family to rally around them even after their pregnancy.

Please join us in this mission.

Your donation—no matter the amount—will go far in equipping Human Coalition to be a beacon of hope to women and families across America who are contemplating aborting their children.

Stand with us today so we can rescue more children from abortion.