Having a baby was not in Xavreia’s plan. She was nearly 40 years old and already the mother of two teenagers.

Xavreia had been feeling extremely sick, so she decided to go to the ER. There, she learned the cause of her symptoms: pregnancy. Feeling confused, Xavreia shared the news with a friend who referred her to our women’s care clinic. During her appointment at our clinic, an ultrasound revealed an even bigger surprise—she was expecting twins!

Our clinic staff served as a listening ear and a hand to hold as Xavreia processed the news and considered placing her babies for adoption. Describing the staff who helped her work through her uncertainty, she says, “Not only are they caring people, but they make you feel safe. They don’t pressure you. Instead, they are just there for you.”

Knowing the love she had for her two teenage sons and the joy of being a mother, Xavreia decided to keep her babies. She wanted to love on them, care for them, and watch them grow. And she knew she had a good support system in place with her parents living nearby.

After the birth of her twin girls, our clinic continued to provide Xavreia with help and resources as she adjusted to her new life with two babies, providing diapers, food, and clothes. Xavreia says, “It just amazes me that there is an organization out there that can help young women and young families who are struggling.”

As she is now on the other side of the journey, with beautiful 4-year-old twins, Xavreia has advice for expecting parents who are now walking the same road she once did…

“Never give up, because there is someone out there to help you and lead you in the right direction. If you feel like you’re alone, you’re not.”

Join us as we press on to help more parents and babies, like Xavreia and her precious girls. Your support ensures that every child has the chance to experience LIFE.