When Ruthanne suspected she was pregnant, she did what thousands of women do each year… she searched the Internet for information on abortion. She was soon connected with Human Coalition’s contact center, and the agent scheduled an appointment for Ruthanne at our clinic.

When Ruthanne arrived for her appointment, she was frightened and desperate for help. As a single mom of two teenagers, she was struggling to get by. Furthermore, a language barrier complicated her ability to earn a living.

But Ruthanne soon learned she was not alone. Our bilingual caregiver extended a listening ear and compassionate one-on-one care to Ruthanne. When it was determined that it was too early in her pregnancy to do an ultrasound, we scheduled a follow-up appointment.

Upon her return a few weeks later, Ruthanne met with a Spanish-speaking caregiver who comforted Ruthanne and performed her ultrasound. Before she left the clinic that day, Ruthanne told our staff that she knew God wanted her to keep her baby, but she was unsure how she would survive financially.

RuthanneThat’s when our staff put Ruthanne in touch with local social service organizations, churches, and individuals who agreed to come alongside her and help provide for her growing family. Stunned by their generosity, Ruthanne asked why so many people wanted to help her. “These are people who also needed help at some point in their lives, and now they’re in a position to bless others,” we told her.

Since that day when Ruthanne made the courageous decision to keep her child, she has been in consistent contact with our clinic’s staff and preparing for the birth of her baby.

At Human Coalition, we are focused on helping women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy get through the crisis. And once the crisis has passed, we continue to stand with them to help provide for their ongoing spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Thank you for standing with us as we rescue children and families from the tragedy of abortion. We are grateful for your support.