“Suzanne” had dreams of graduating from high school, attending a four-year college, and obtaining a law degree. But her parents couldn’t imagine how any of those things would happen while she was raising a child.

Suzanne’s eyes told a different story. They shined with love for her baby and the hope that she’d be able to parent and still become a successful lawyer one day. After discussing her pregnancy, we took Suzanne and her boyfriend into the ultrasound room to confirm the pregnancy. Seeing the six-week-old’s heartbeat flashing on the monitor, Suzanne’s maternal feelings kicked in.

For the next several months, Suzanne and her mother, as well as Suzanne’s boyfriend, were regulars at our clinic, attending parenting classes and taking full advantage of the new parenting programs we offer. Perhaps the highlight of their involvement came when Suzanne participated in our annual Adopt-a-Family program. She made an immediate connection with a young couple who provided her with gifts and the love of Christ. In fact, their relationship grew so strong that when Suzanne had her baby girl baptized, she invited this family to be there for moral and spiritual support.

Thank you for providing the funds and resources that help us give mothers like Suzanne every opportunity to choose LIFE. Today, Suzanne and her baby are thriving. In fact, when asked about her life, Suzanne smiled and said, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

I invite you to celebrate Suzanne and her baby girl by making a donation in their honor to Human Coalition’s work right here in Pittsburgh. It’s truly your generosity that helps save lives. Please reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about our In the Know abstinence education program or our Adopt-a-Family program.