“James” made the call that eventually saved the lives of Human Coalition babies #3,360 and #3,361, “Lory” and “Rita”!

When James learned that “Megan” was pregnant, he went online to help her look for an answer. After finding HC’s phone number, he picked up the phone and was directed to make an appointment at a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center.

During Megan’s appointment, she received a sonogram and unthinkable news…she was having twins. How could she afford to care for one baby, let alone two? She wasn’t married, her work situation wasn’t stable — there had to be another option.

The nurse was more than prepared to answer all of Megan’s questions, and Megan felt certain she had made the right choice…LIFE. The staff at both the pregnancy center and the HC office were thrilled to welcome another set of twins into the world!